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Support - (fb2k) / Unrecoverable playback error: Element not found. (0x80070490)
Last post by galocza -

ive used foobar2000 for some years now, mainly for audiobooks as it supports all three things i require:
-simple taskbar controls (pause/resume),
-pause/resume with my bluetooth headset
-and remembering track position.

now ive reinstalled my operating system from scratch, installed the newest version (1.6.7) and after reawakening the pc from sleeping the error message above is displayed and the program forgets the track position - quite annoying with audiobooks. ive reset my settings (not that ive much changed btw), enabling only 'save playback state...' - the problem persisted.
ive completely removed 1.6.7 and reinstalled the former 1.3.17 and that works again.

oh, and im not sure what have ive done but also encountered with a 'Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported stream format: 48000 Hz / 32-bit float / 2 channels (0x3), mix format: 48000 Hz / 32-bit float / 2 channels (0x3)' message.

is there something i should set in preferences to make it right? is it a bug?

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Synchronizing playlists on two systems
Last post by isaiah36 -
Alternatively just use Playlist-Manager-SMP (my sig) which is meant to be used in those cases. There is even a complete section for that on the FAQ and in fact just sharing the physical playlists would do for you since you are even using the same library/disk letter.

Thanks for the reply! I'm just a dummy end user, so most of what you wrote flew over my head. I'll try your extension, but where is the zip file? I don't understand the GitHub interface. If I may tax your kindness a little more, could you list for me the plain English steps to get your extension? I will follow the install instructions exactly after that. Also, for other required components please, e.g. "monkey panel"---I have no idea what that is but I'll learn if it means my playlists will stay synchronized.

Also, I have the Playlist Organizer installed, and it has no option for changing the save location of playlist files. How do I save the playlists in the library drive?

Thanks again!
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source xHE-AAC encoder
Last post by celona -
They are not recommended (you will now find a warning on the screen) like before. I asked the developer to keep them because there are cases where you don't need to preserve the audio quality, as long as you can understand.

If you need to use them you can do it, but now you will know before that you will get poor quality.
General Audio / Re: How to shift entire audiofile by 24kHz
Last post by saratoga -
Do a sample by sample multiplication with cos(2*pi*24000*t). 

The sampling rate must be at least 2x the highest frequency present after the multiplication, so be sure to resample first.  96k is a good choice for normal audio.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: How to disable internal limiter?
Last post by Rollin -
There is no internal limiter in fb2k, unless you use limiter in DSP. If you use output in normal (i.e. not exclusive) mode, then Windows' limiter will act.
If you don't want to use exclusive mode output but prefer clipping over limiter, use Hardclip DSP -
Also you can simply use volume control in fb2k to lower peaks level and so avoiding both limiter and clipping.
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