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Multiple outputs/instances for foobar?

Question for everyone here...

I use foobar on my server PC outputting to my stereo in my living room; I use various remote apps to control it.

I'd also like to play my music library from an old iPad2 in my bedroom that I have in a dock connected to my old receiver/speakers - currently I'm using Plex and it's slow/inelegant for music so I end up using low-quality streams instead

Is there a better way to do this via foobar w/o wrecking my remote setup? Using foobar DLNA? Could I still use the iOS remote to play music to the iPad or do I need to use a DLNA receiver app? Any solutions that have better apps for music than the DLNA clients? Almost all of the DLNA apps are poop IMHO.

If there's something else that would work for $50 or less like Chromecast audio then could go for that, but seems excessive.
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Multiple outputs/instances for foobar?

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This is my setup

The advantage over DLNA is that foobar remains the sole player, which is convenient for reusing the DSP chain, gapless playback, replaygain, scrobbling, , playback statistics, etc. ...
The configuration should work for multiroom as well, with several pi's and multicast streaming.

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