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It's quite easy to do.

In foobar2000:
1. Right click on the range of songs you want to remove the tag from and click on properties.
2. Scroll down to the desired tag and right click on the name of the field and choose remove.
3. Click apply.

In MP3tag
1. Right click on range of files you wish to remove this tag and choose "Extended Tags..."
2. Find the desired tag and highlight it.
3. Click the red X to the left of the album art.
4. Click OK.

Values to play with if you want to troll your friends:
0 = Off (no warning) (same as the tag not existing)
1 = Explicit Warning
2 = Clean Version
MP3 - General / Re: ID3v1 comment removal
Last post by shillshocked -
I didn't see any command-line suggestions for this problem on Reddit. Do you have any?

To be clear, I can do it in a GUI like Mp3tag, but that is purposeless for my problem. I need an automated script, so only command-line is useful here.
MP3 - General / Re: ID3v1 comment removal
Last post by eahm -
You had a reply on reddit before you removed the post, did that work you try that?
MP3 - General / ID3v1 comment removal
Last post by shillshocked -
I can't consistently remove these. Even after batch removing all tags.

Of course, I would like to preserve other tags, but I find the "ID3v1 comment" tag particularly stubborn.

How can I make it go away for good via the command-line?
AAC / How can I completely remove ITUNESADVISORY tag?
Last post by shillshocked -
I'm not a big fan of Itunes, but I do have some music in AAC format. How can I strip my M4A files of the ITUNESADVISORY tag? I don't really care whether my music is explicit or not.
For FooBar2000 “Copy” Modifications go here:

Under: File> Preferences> Advanced> Display> Legacy Title Formatting Settings> Copy Command (Enter Your Syntax Format Modifications).

I entered this: [%list_index%. ][%artist% - ][%title%][ - BPM: %BPM%]

Copy End Result (My Correct Preference): Maroon 5 - Misery - BPM: 103


Thanks EpicForever 😎👍

Now how do I save my FooBar2000 settings (all configurations); just in case I need to re-install Windows 10 or otherwise?

1. You can configure the name of the tag that is used for storing BPM. Thus you can make it compatible with anything. But remember, that all those devices and programs may use different tag names so you may be not able to choose one setting that suits them all at once.

2. You can configure Copy command content. See in Preferences - Display or maybe in Preferences - Advanced Preferences. - Display (I'm on mobile now so can not check how it exactly is)
Just wanted to say thanks for the VST version of your plugin also!  Made my life a lot easier when I found that the Case Meier Crossfeed VST would not load in a particular player--went looking for an alternative, found this equally great piece of work.  I encourage you to keep development for the foo and VST versions at the same level, both are needed and appreciated.  Best wishes.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by GoaLitiuM -
I just tried the Minibar version of the seekbar and I quite like it more than the original one, but one thing that bothers me is that the seekbar itself is causing some minor stuttering with games and while dragging any windows in main screen when the foobar window with Minibar seekbar enabled is on my other monitor. Windows 10 task manager also shows elevated GPU usage when the window is active, and it goes down the instant I minimize foobar.

EDIT: I think the main cause of this is that the Minibar seekbar is constantly rendering and updating its view even when the playback is paused. Zao's seekbar also seems to cause some stuttering when D3D9 or D3D2 frontend is selected, but GDI is stutter free. Would it be possible to add some kind of setting to limit how often the seekbar is being updated to avoid this?
Validated News / Re: foobar2000 1.4 beta has been released
Last post by Chibisteven -
"REM COMPOSER" is valid.  "COMPOSER" is not.  "REM" is a comment, remark, or something that's to be ignored by the burning application itself.  The reason it fails to load after "REM" is removed is that's no longer a valid cuesheet.

You can change "REM COMPOSER" to "SONGWRITER" and the cuesheet will still load, but foobar2000 won't map it to composer.

"PERFORMER" is treated the same as track artist (or album artist if it's before the album title) by foobar2000 when it's reading cuesheets.  It will always show the track artist if the field is filled in.  A workaround is put the composer in the artist field but if this already filled, it may require some re-wording of the value itself.

How foobar2000 shows "artist" metadata by default ">" means that the field before it is empty so it goes to the next one.
Normal file: Track Artist > Album Artist > Composer > Performer > ?
Cuesheet: Track Performer > Album Performer > ?