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General - (fb2k) / Re: Old 1.x versions usage
Last post by Peter -
New updates have been published.

Highlight of the day is that all of 1.5 stable had unintended SSE2 CPU requirement and we didn't notice until now.
It was inflicted by VS runtime update, introduced shortly after testing late 1.5 beta on a Pentium 2.
This has now been sanitized, foobar2000 1.5.12 has been verified working on Athlon XP machine from 2003.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_truepeak True Peak Scanner
Last post by Defender -

Because scanning with 0.6.8 seemed a lot slower than scanning with 0.6.7 and I was wondering if that was because of the extra LUFS-M/S scanning, I've done some more testing.

I tested version 0.6.7, 0.6.8 with the same scanning options enabled and 0.6.8 with also LUFS-M/S enabled.
Testset is regular FLAC8 44/16 2ch, SACD DST64 2ch&6ch and DVDA MLP 96/24 2ch&ch.

See the attached image.
Scanning with 0.6.8 is as I already suspected quite a bit slower than 0.6.7 and the extra scanning for LUFS-M/S makes no difference in scanning speed at all.
Scanning of normal files is 2x faster and scanning of DVDA is 3x faster in 0.6.7.

Does this make any sense to you?
News Submissions / [OPEN SOURCE] FrAD: Fourier Analogue-in-Digital (Analogue Audio Archive Codec)
Last post by -
Sounds more like a "wannabe" than a concrete project, but some (Archivist Licensed) source code seems available:
Fourier Analogue-in-Digital is an uncompressed codec like WAV or AIFF rather than FLAC or ALAC. Unlike WAV or AIFF, which store PCM, FrAD stores energy density per frequency.

FrAD is a codec that nobody owns, nobody patents, and is standardised in so much detail that anyone can easily implement it in any language, even if the original implementation is lost. It also supports tags, cover art, and sequential search, and the original implementation can be supported by any OS on any machine that supports Python.

The main difference between any other formats and FrAD is its resilience to corruption and robustness. For many audio files that are branched fron PCM, even a flip of a bit or two can result in popping noise, failure to play the corrupted frame, or even the loss of all subsequent audio information. FrAD, however, provides robust error recovery such that sporadic flipping of a few bytes is not even a concern.

Goals of FrAD (more)
  • Preserving analogue waveforms intact in digital file.
  • Ensuring the analogue waveform remains intact even if the file is corrupted
  • Making all data frames work independently

Format specs:

Dev help request:
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Dynamic Range plugin
Last post by foobrik -
Does the True Peak Scanner now make this DR component redundant?
No 8)

What are the features of this DR component which are not included in the new True Peak Scanner then?
Someone needs a simples dynamic range meter, with the ability to record a log file. + truepeak does not show rms and peak
General Audio / Re: Test files needed
Last post by omasciarotte -
Not sure if it’s applicable to your workflows, but I use Katsura Shareware’s AudioTest application to generate the basics. Not good for generating pathological signals like Dirac pulses, but nice for the simple stuff; four spectra of noise, plus sine, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, and variations. The only function I wish it included is warble tones.
CUETools / Re: CUERipper terminates after inserting CD
Last post by michael_funk -

When I download the new build, Chrome tells me the download is suspicious. If I download anyway and unzip, Windows blocks the execution of CUERipper.exe. If I even ignore this and start the program, everything seems to be fine.

Now for the results:

John Patitucci
When the CD is inserted, the app stays open and does not terminate itself. When I start ripping the Cue-File is written and then an error pops up: Exception, Media Error, UNRECOVERED READ ERROR.

West Side Story
Same result.

Drive Plextor PC-891SAF 1JN
John Patitucci
When the CD is inserted, the app stays open and does not terminate itself.
Ripping works without any errors.
AR: Rip acurate. CTDB: Verified OK.

West Side Story
Same result.

Do you need anything more?  :)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel
Last post by ryepie -
Hello, would it be possible to add grouping by parent folder (directory) for Smooth Browser? I think that would fix my many compilations that lack Album Artists (or they are individually tagged) tags.

Another question is if there is a way to use ReFacets with Smooth Browser.

Sorry if these questions have been asked/answered before, i'm pretty new to all this, thanks!