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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_httpcontrol
Last post by muxx -
Sorry, but where can I get the remote control app for Android without a Google account, please? Do you see any possibility without PlayStore on the phone? Are there any trustworthy sources? Thank you.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer
Last post by Sue Dunham -
I'm using the peak meter, and I had trouble getting the bars to fill the space: there was a blank area to the left, and they only filled half of the space vertically (with a horizontal layout). I have since fixed it, but the fix seemed weird. The relevant settings were on the graphs page, unticking all of the "Top", "Bottom", "Left", and "Right" boxes. These were all grayed out since I had the Mode set to None for both axes, so I had to set the modes to something else to get at them first. Should they still affect things when so idled?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: How could I play this m4a file?
Last post by muxx -
I'll answer myself - maybe it will help someone...

The installation of the FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper component has solved the problem. This topic in the forum helps me:,114919.0.html
A few settings had to be made and some libraries loaded. Contrary to expectations, everything went relatively smoothly.
Thanks to the posters Peter and juniiflow from the linked thread!

One final question: How do I switch the console logging function off?
I had activated this somewhere back then, but searched everything today and couldn't find a setting option.
New log (.txt) files are now constantly being created in a specific folder. Sorry.
General - (fb2k) / Tagging with an iterative loop e.g. tag automatically according to folder order
Last post by timalina -
Is there any way to create an iterative loop for tagging? Specifically, I want to be able to create a playlist, set the discnumber tag to 1 for the first folder, 2 for the second, and so on.

I'm trying to sort out a large collection and was using Facets. I realised I could save a load of time if, when I've got albums sorted by folder path, if I could somehow transfer the index of the folders into discnumbers. I have lots of multi-disc albums without discnumber tags, but where the individual CDs are in subfolders in the correct order. I basically want to drop a multi-disc album on a playlist, and tag it so that all files in the first folder get tagged 1, the next folder +1, the next +1 and so on.

Is this even possible?
Development - (fb2k) / Re: converting .flac to .mp3 with the SDK
Last post by terdex -
The file format conversion is provided by a component and none of its features are exposed by the SDK. And without optional third party encoder binaries the Converter can only write WAV files.

If you need to encode audio yourself, for example to make a streaming component, you'll need to include the required encoding library and functionality in your component.

gotcha that makes sense.
MP3 / Re: Low bitrate MP3 (+ unsupported bitrates)
Last post by Klymins -
Thanks, but i can't import AAC files. Also, i think that must be limited to web because SWF SPEC 19 says only these codecs are supported: Uncompressed native endian, ADPCM, MP3, Uncompressed little endian, NellyMoser Asao, NellyMoser Asao 8kHz, NellyMoser Asao 16kHz, and Speex (somehow i also can't import or encode Sppex or NellyMoser Asao 8kHz or 16kHz with Flash).
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [fb2k v2] SQLite Utilities (foo_sqlite)
Last post by regor -
 ::)  ::)  SMP is exposing callbacks present on the SDK... another thing is you not wanting to open that can of worms, the feature being beyond the component aim or whatever.

But please don't say it is not possible when I'm clearly doing it for some specific use cases (which was the premise of my post anyway). I specifically said they were not going to be Autoplaylists, which clearly means it's not valid for general cases. Anyway that's totally off topic, since clearly the user request is about not having to update a playlist on demand, it may well be enough to have it updated once a day, after startup or whatever.

But it's clearly possible to bind a playlist to a SQL query (within your component scope) and update it with some specific triggers, the same is possible in JS to do it and update a playlist whenever other playlists change. And that's just an example, it can be done by time, on metadb changes, or whatever. A callback not providing the specific change, doesn't mean you can not simply re-update the entire playlist whenever there is a change, even if sub-optimal. Or limit it by a refresh rate. Or keep internal caching of changes for critical things needed. You don't like those approaches, which you are clearly aware about per your post, fine. But It's possible.

Find it funny how many things are "impossible" when we talk about the SDK or native foobar (example), and then the same works fine, with some code logic changes, on JS wich is much more limited and should have lower performance.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [fb2k v2] SQLite Utilities (foo_sqlite)
Last post by fbuser -
I don't know how autoplaylists update their contents, and I don't know whether those triggers are also exposed to components
They are, but the problem is that the information provided by those triggers can't be used reasonably. So, the only information which can be used from this triggers is that something happened.

or whether that would even be practical given the performance limitations of SQL requests.
Not only because of the performance of a single query. Due to the problem of utilizing the information of change events you would need always to execute all defined queries for each change. It might be possible to soften this constraint a bit by providing some configuration options when to execute a query, but it will not really solve the problem.

Without entering on technical details, that is somewhat possible.
No, it's not.

But exactly your request is present on my playlist manager
Not really. It might be the case for certain use cases but in general this is not true.

If it's possible on JS, it's obviously possible on a component using the SDK, since the callbacks are the same.
This is a wrong conclusion.