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Maybe because you use foo_ui_hacks (as mentioned in topic about ESC key usage)? You may want to wait for answer from someone from mods or closer to development, but I can answer rather the same thing as they would say - stop using banned components (entirely) and check thoroughly if problem still persist. Banned components can be responsible for uncontrollable output in any part of processing (audio output, string output, etc.). Foo_ui_hacks targets GUI, which is component responsible for strings processing, so don't be surprised that plugin is faulting that aspect of foobar's functionality.
I second A_Man_Eating_Duck's opinion.

Disk Space is cheap these days. I've regret many times not backing up my CD collection properly. Now, most of my CDs are dead.

"Dead"?  How did you kill them?

I have CDs dating back to the first generation of releases on the format, that still play fine.

Of course they're all backed up to FLAC too.
@VEG : Please don't recommend BANNED and outdated components. Apart from its obvious name, foo_ui_hacks explores undocumented foobar's API/SDK functions. As not documented such functions are not intended to be used by developers, to not simply say, that their usage is simply not allowed as it violates license terms of foobar2000.
Is Nero aac inferior than fdk aac. Which of opus, aac(m4a) produce smallest file size for music.
Ogg Vorbis - General / Re: Vorbis comment padding issue
Last post by notrub -
Thanks for your reply.

My understanding is that both flac and ogg files use vorbis format tags which is why I mentioned my earlier problem with ogg files.

It looks like you're suggesting I simply reconvert the files telling the converter to insert more padding - I looked at the standard encoder and dbpoweramp, but I cant find any settings on padding.
It's more luck than judgement no one else has noticed/complained about this.

A most simple test which shows the shortcoming:

Save as a.js (plain UTF8 without BOM in your foobar profile)
Code: [Select]
var a = "’";

Then in a fresh panel...
Code: [Select]
// @import "%fb2k_profile_path%a.js"


outputs this..

Code: [Select]

edit: I have now fixed this for the next release. Luckily the functions for handling it were already in place - I never would have figured it out myself.  :'(

a) that lodash file is not the original from source. It's been mangled in some way and I'm almost certain the original would have worked correctly without adding a BOM.
Welp, I used CDNJS to get lodash, but I doubt that CDN choice really matters here, since the original problem was caused by invalid unicode decoding of the script file. Who knows though, I might be wrong, but I don't have a VM with chinese locale to test it properly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[EDIT]: On the second thought, you are probably right, since the problematic line is handled differently in minified version from CDNJS compared to vanilla one: it replaced all unicode character codes with the actual characters, which is very likely to be the source of problem...
What's with the self-imposed 1000ms limit? I've been trying out a few different settings today, and setting to 0ms definitely looks best/goes best with the music on the beat detection presets with Shpeck and Milkdrop, with no audio drop-outs or glitches. At 1000ms, there always feels like there's a lag between the audio and the visuals.
Hello All,

I am sure this already online somewhere (I am not quite sure what to look for) so if you would not mind pointing me in the right direction.

I am ripping my audiobook collection right now and the default track naming is "track 1, track 2..." Which will not work for the second disc in the same folder as the track/file names are the same, the work around I have for the moment is manually renaming by disc and track (ex. Disc 2 tracks names would be "02-01, 02-02..." I am assuming there is a way to have it so foobar will automatically do this once I put a disc number for an album in? I am sure it some setting or there is a plugin for it.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction I appreciate it!
That lodash thing was bugging me so I looked in to it some more...

a) that lodash file is not the original from source. It's been mangled in some way and I'm almost certain the original would have worked correctly without adding a BOM.

b) having said that, utf8 files without BOM (like the youtube script) are not handled correctly in the preprocessor section and this is a component issue which needs to be fixed.