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Please do not recommend broken components

The FB2K development team has come to the conclusion that it does not want any known broken components recommended to users on the forums anymore.

There have been a few knowingly broken components causing a lot of stability issues with FB2K. This makes tech support and searching for serious bugs by the developers and moderators very difficult and time consuming.

Please check the list of known offenders from time to time.

If for some odd reason you still feel the urge to desperately recommend one of them to new users at least explicitly point out that they will most likely encounter stability issues.

For helping to fix these issues simply post your bug reports about them in the corresponding thread to the component that is causing problems to try and help the developers there to fix these issues and make it possible for them to get removed from the list of known offenders.

Thanks, picmixer

Please do not recommend broken components

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I am bumping this to remind everyone, as we are going to be enforcing this rule again. You can check for broken components through the main menu of foobar2000 via Help -> Online Troubleshooter. Recommending known problematic components will be grounds for warnings or worse.


Please do not recommend broken components

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If you are a developer of one of the components listed as problematic and your users have not reported any crashes to you, you should contact me to obtain detailed crash report information.
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