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Validated News / Re: to close
Last post by Supermansaga -
So how can someone change the source of freedb within foobar 2000 v1.6.11? Can we add more sources? Can we refresh the existing tags?

After ripping a very old game CD, I was told the tags may have been incorrect from freedb. Can everyone edit freedb or whatever its successor is? Does freedb have newer songs/music? Thanks.
Off-Topic / Watch Jane’s Addiction And Smashing Pumpkins Play Together
Last post by soundping -
Last week, Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction announced that they would be heading out on tour together later this year. Billy Corgan and Perry Farrell went on The Howard Stern Show to make the announcement together, and while they were there, Corgan and Farrell got some of their bandmates to come together to cover Jane’s Addiction’s “Jane Says” — perhaps a preview of what’s to come when their show rolls through arenas in the fall? Before they started, the pair joked that they bounced around names for this lineup like Jane’s Pumpkins and Jane’s A Pumpkin Now. Watch below.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by hamybal -
:P For example any track with a length lower than 30 secs or so will fail, but that's how fingerprinting work. Oh and any track present in an ISO file (because there is no physical file to scan)! (they are skipped now in the latest version). You can bypass the ISO limitation by ripping the tracks, scanning them and finally copying the tags back. (These are "tricks" expect to explain the manual though)
Actually I could fingerprint any song if it's 2~3 second or 30minutes, also I found a workaround for the failed songs by converting them again.
after giving them a fingerprint they do change from .FLAC to . FLA files? but after converting these once again they go back to normal and it's fixed ;)

Nothing is lost on updating, close foobar, overwrite the "xxx-scripts" files, start foobar and done. Config is saved at another place and the panel stores internally other config, so as soon as you restart all is the same. Playlist Tools has even a menu entry to export the user configured menus for backup or other purposes.
I will use the export system as back up but it's good to hear you can just swap it.

I found a lot of readme on how to make playlist but do not see anything about creating a playlist of a fingerprint, with the button "Playlist Tools" I see a lot of different options but nothing about the fingerprint, and right clicking to make a new button i also only see options like moods/search by distance, etc.
So I pressume I have to enter a kind of dynamic query to make this work, For ex. want to test out if I can select a song and find other songs relating or getting close to the same fingerprints.

Thanks for the extra info in the last post!
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spotify Integration (foo_spotify)
Last post by Wolfgan - ...

Yeah understandably OP probably has other stuff going on these days, and of course his work is greatly appreciated - I've been using this plugin extensively every day since I first tried it out. Luckily for us he chose to leave it open so I'm just wondering what the effort would be to drop in librespot vs a total rebuild. TheQwertiest, if you end up stopping by, could you provide any info about the problems with librespot on windows?

Yes, totally thankful to TheQwertiest for creating and sharing his work. But outside him, I didn't see contributions to the project from other developers so my hopes are not high in this evolving to a working plugin again using a diff SDK/API.

This whole desktop player ecosystem is sort of a ghost town these days in favor of various flavors of chromium. Think if we hold on a little longer the cycle will come back around? I sure hope so.

100% agree. I hate to run a +500MB pgm just to listen to spotify, so anything that allows integration to an existing player or lightweight client, that will be my preference.
Off-Topic / Apple Music Not Working? These Quick Fixes Usually Work
Last post by soundping -
Having trouble with Apple Music not working? It’s a frustrating problem that always comes at the most inconvenient moments. We’ve compiled a list of the most common causes and how to fix them.

You’re about to leave for your commute to work or just putting in your AirPods to listen to music and focus, but now your Apple Music isn’t working. Below is a list of common reasons why your Apple Music isn’t working and how to get it working again.