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Scientific Discussion / Re: Does resampling algorithm can influence mp3 decoding quality?
Last post by Markuza97 -
1 - 320
2 - Original
3 - V4
4 - V0
5 - CD

Large image in spoiler.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

- 320 MP3s will have sharp cut-off at around 20 kHz, number 1.
- MP3 is limited to 48 kHz, CD to 44 kHz, so anything above that has to be original file, in this case number 2.
- V4 MP3s will have very obvious cut-off at 16 kHz, so number 3.
- V0 MP3s will have lowpass disabled by default, you can see 16 kHz cut-off but you can also see that it hits 24 kHz, number 4.
- Nice smooth cut at 22 kHz, CD is number 5.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_discogs
Last post by da yuyu -
crtla, none for DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID as enabling that option will be somehow against the concepts of how the software is conceived.

There is an 'extended mode' combination, Shift + Right clicking protected items, in this case, currently offering either 'Write' or 'Write and Update'.

Not saying that the option is not useful or that it will never be implemented, just wondering if it's worth the effort and more importantly, if anybody will be happy with the end result.
About the Master/All versions tag, I would say that it won´t help much as it has no genres associated with it.
For now, there should be some fair way to automate the clearing by other means, but will keep it mind for future releases.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_cuefixer (works like old foo_cuefilter but open source)
Last post by Gabohar -
Why this excellent and usefull plugin is not published on the Foobar2000 official components repository page?, sometimes I read in this forum (or Reddit) to users that have problems with CUE files with Foobar2000. It would also be very practical, since this way it could be updated if there is a new version available from the same program with the rest of the components.
General - (fb2k) / Re: f2k starts very slowly
Last post by regor -
Changelog Beta 20

Added "low memory mode" in 32-bit build, restoring pre-beta18 style tag caching semantics.
        Located in advanced preferences / general.
        If foobar2000 cannot start up due to memory usage, it can be emergency-enabled by putting "enable_low_mem_mode" file in the profile folder.
    Misc search bug fixes.
    Playlist group layout optimizations reverted (no more scrollbar jumping around stupidly), unless in the new low memory mode.
    Fixed various RIFF64 WAV reading bugs.
    Fixed blank edit menu shown when no items are enabled.
Thing is low mem mode reverts behavior to releases past beta 17.

But if beta 18 and 19 works fine for you, the low mem mode at 20 is not supposed to change anything. I mean, your entire library tags have been cached on 18 and 19 too. On 20 there is only a setting to not do it anymore, but it should not make things worse in any case. Maybe some error was added on the process.

Did you tried the low mem mode? Does it change anything?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by regor -
1. Do you mean...? The quiet things that.... -> The quiet things \newline that sound....
Nope. Well you use this:
For a desired width, then you draw each string manually.

2. No fix. SMP is in need of updating since months XD (for multiple bugs, dark theme support, x64 support...). Not saying is not stable, just that there have been no updates in half a year, V2 has been released meanwhile, dark theme support and a few bugs found since then. There are also some long term bugs not resolved.

3. The buttons don't follow CUI settings, but system settings. But not necessarily in the way you expect. Buttons fill color is not the same than the theme color. In my scripts you can find and alternative buttons framework which allows to paint buttons without background matching the CUI colors on the toolbar (or the background of the panel). Or you can simply set the background color. You may be interested on that. I did it since WINE systems don't work properly with the theme-manager thing from the samples, but it applies now too to dark themes...

4. No. You can add a character which looks like an icon (a heart for ex). Look for ASCII codes. That's all. But you are limited to the font used by the menu.

SMP is not currently able to open new panels. You can open an HTML popup which probably does what you want.
And that requires standard CSS and JS coding.

You may also be able to open a new panel with this:
Calling within SMP the main menus which open the flowin panel, and you could put there another script which interacts with the first one. It's on my todo list to try for some fancy scripts, but not currently on the mood.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain scan crashing program
Last post by blackhydra866 -
Do you have any programs installed that would access files in real-time? E.g. antivirus, backup software, anti-ransomware. If so, would check if disabling them makes any difference.

Yup, it's fixed.

Did a selective startup with all non-MS services disabled, turned off all startup items and it worked. Did some cleaning up and uninstalled/disabled and unneccessary services and it works now. I have a feeling Malwarebytes may have been the culprit but some other services/apps that were removed:

Acronis services
SonicWall NetExtender
Misc gaming anti-cheats

Thanks for the suggestion