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Need Help Getting Started with Customizing User Interface

Hi, this is my first post here, so please forgive me if it's in the wrong section.

I am trying to escape iTunes, and I have been testing out Foobar for about a week now.
I have a few questions, mostly related to customizing the user interface.

First off, can anyone identify the theme used in the following picture? I don't remember where I found it, and I tried doing a reverse image lookup on Google, but couldn't find anything.
[span style='color:#000000;background:#000000']

Need Help Getting Started with Customizing User Interface

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That is a very basic setup with some horrible transparency thrown in. It's one you can easily replicate. Looks like CUI to me. Download it and play with it - layouts are a little tricky at first when you're using how to use splitters, but you'll catch on.

The panel borders, toolbar and menu backgrounds, scrollbars, and status bar all come from your Windows theme. Either change this to change the look, or dive into Panel Stack Splitter to arrange your UI elements into a borderless config. There's a learning curve here - best thing to do is grab a complicated config like this one and pick it apart.

The "code stuff" is called Title Formatting, and it's what you need to learn to tell foobar how to display text. To learn about it, click on the Help menu, and choose "Title formatting help".


Need Help Getting Started with Customizing User Interface

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Great, thanks a lot for the tips.

I don't care much for the transparency either. I'm otherwise more impressed by the cleanliness of the interface and the simplicity of it.