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Add / insert after current?

I quite often find myself wanting to insert one or more tracks into the current playlist, right after the currently playing track (or occasionally, album). At the moment I use Add files... or Add folder..., then either drag, or cut & paste. These are not files in the library, but even for those I have to copy & paste to where I want them.

Any ideas how I can add non-library & library files after the currently playing track or album?

Add / insert after current?

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A small amount of progress: foo_utils (Playlist tools / Utilities) has "Insert into Playlist", but it does so before the highlighted track. Unfortunately this caveat scuppered my plans to chain it with "Show now playing" using foo_run (Run services) - it seems there's no way to select the track next to play except manually (hence this actually is progress, just a small amount).

Any other ideas anyone?


Add / insert after current?

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Thank you!