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SACD plugin (foo_input_sacd)

Everytime I try to convert to WAV from SACD I get silence on the track.
Anyone else have trouble with this?

Re: SACD plugin (foo_input_sacd)

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Enable PCM output and disable raw DSD output.


Re: SACD plugin (foo_input_sacd)

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Thank you for replying!!!
Your post made me start tinkering with the SACD settings in the Tools tab and I actually got it working!
Mostly the DoP for Converter cannot be checked and
DSD 2PCM Mode can't handle (64fp) it has to be (32fp)

These are my settings that worked
 Output mode: DSD+PCM, DoP for converter (unchecked)
 PCM Volume: 0dB, LFE as-is
 PCM Samplerate: 352800
 DSD 2PCM Mode: Direct (32fp, 30Hk lowpass)
 Preferable Area: Multichannel
 DSD Processor: DSD Processor
 Trace: unchecked