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General - (fb2k) / Re: [Suggestions / Wishlists] for future updates
Last post by shevalier -
Is it possible to add an automatic revert sample rate  of the used sound device to the  sample rate from the Windows control panel (or arbitrarily specified), when  Foobar closing?

Theoretically, for this is need to play several "empty" (or with a couple of least significant bits) buffers with the required sample rate.
If the card supports automatic switching, then it will remain with this (last played) sample rate.
Listening Tests / Re: Personal blind sound quality comparison of Opus hard-CBR with framesize options
Last post by Kamedo2 -
Do you have an explanation for this? Could this be a bug?

I have no idea why this particular outlier is possible.
I tested those, and cbr.52k, cbr.56k, and normal.52k have the similar volume issue at 0:02.
cbr.56k is the most pronounced.

opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --hard-cbr --bitrate 44 --framesize 20 "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.cbr.44k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --hard-cbr --bitrate 48 --framesize 20 "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.cbr.48k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --hard-cbr --bitrate 52 --framesize 20 "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.cbr.52k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --hard-cbr --bitrate 56 --framesize 20 "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.cbr.56k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --hard-cbr --bitrate 60 --framesize 20 "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.cbr.60k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --hard-cbr --bitrate 64 --framesize 20 "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.cbr.64k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --bitrate 44 --framesize 20  "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.normal.44k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --bitrate 48 --framesize 20  "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.normal.48k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --bitrate 52 --framesize 20  "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.normal.52k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --bitrate 56 --framesize 20  "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.normal.56k.opus"
opus-tools-0.2-opus-1.3\opusenc --bitrate 64 --framesize 20  "07 applaud.wav" "07 applaud.normal.64k.opus"
General Audio / Re: Detecting whether a 24-bit file has been upconverted from 16-bit?
Last post by bennetng -
Some examples attached, and a GM file as specified by the author, so should be no compatibility issues.
"bassmidi 8pt" is the improved version after Ian applied the fix about what I complained. I don't have the old 8pt executable to generate the old version anymore. I also attached another file with linear interpolation. Currently, BASSMIDI is able to perform 16pt interpolation.

Another set is SC-VA vs SC-D70. For those who wonder why there is a low pass in the SC-D70 version, the hardware synth engine operates at 32kHz, and the unit itself supports digital loopback recording, but only at 44.1k and 48k. The unit has a CS8420 SRC chip to do the resampling. "sc-va 48" is directly rendered by setting the VSTi's sample rate to 48k, "sc-va sox" is rendered at 32k and resampled by SoX to 48k with default settings.

In the SC-D70 recording, the rather high noise floor beyond the filter cutoff region is originated from the digital hardware itself, and it will fade to zero when the music ended, and therefore not analog noise. Also, the noise is not related to how many voices are being played simultaneously, or how loud the individual notes are. Even when there is only one note playing, it still has this amount of noise. It does support 24-bit loopback recording, but there is no improvement to the noise, and the attached file is indeed recorded at  24-bit, normalized, and converted to 16-bit flac.

And yes, I also have S-YXG50 VSTi installed so I know how this file sounds like, but I don't know if Yamaha's (AWM2?) synthesis is completely sample-based or not by merely Googling.
FLAC / Re: New FLAC compression improvement
Last post by ktf -
After the 'double autocorrelation' change which has been submitted to FLAC quite a while ago, I've been busy improving the IRLS code for which I started this topic. Source code can now be found here:

Please see the image below


Compared are the exe I dumped here the 16th of June, the exe I'm attaching now and CUEtools.Flake 2.1.6. Presets for FLAC are, from left to right, -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -8e, -8ep and -9. Presets for Flake are -4, -5, -6, -7, -8, -8 --vbr 4. As you can see, the largest difference is because of the 'double autocorrelation' change, which is clearly visible from -4 to -8ep. However, the change from old -9 to new -9 is what I've been working on. The IRLS code is now much faster, used more efficiently and compresses slightly better.

Feel free to try to exe, look through the source etc. Please be cautious with the exe, I've been quite busy tuning but have done little testing.  I've only tested on CDDA material, maybe there are still some surprises on 96kHz/24-bit material left.
General - (fb2k) / Encoder Parameters
Last post by Adil -
Hi there.

Someone, please, could you tell me where I can find out about all the available parameters of the encoders and their respective meanings (image below)?

I use foobar2000 for ripping and encoding audio files.

Thanks in advance.
foobar2000 mobile / Re: FTP - Can't drag files to folder - Mac
Last post by HarryCrumb -
Moving this to Mobile, since the issue is really about the Android version's FTP server, rather than the macOS desktop version.

Incidentally, the macOS version doesn't really support dragging files outside the app, as I guess it doesn't implement generic file objects into its pasteboard export for that purpose.

Thanks, I should have been a little clearer.  Foobar2000 is on the android phone, but not the Mac.  I was experimenting to see if I could drag files/folders from the Mac (Finder window) to the Foobar Music Folder using FTP.   It won't allow me to write to the folder.

I'm pretty sure that I've got the server settings correct on the Android, but I wonder is there is an overall setting on the phone that isn't allowing me to write to it. 
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP
Last post by regor -
Updated the readme with full explanations about integration with Playlist Tools (pools feature) and Export and convert feature. Also a guide to export playlists (and its files) ready to be used on other devices with Foobar2000 mobile . I think I have covered most of the possible uses of the manager and doubts, if you have any more questions let me know.
CUETools / Re: Cuetools and unable to locate the audio files.
Last post by Linuxx -
Hi guys, I take this thread again because I have a similar problem again. I ripped a box set with 4 cd but I can't verify disc two and three with cuetools. I get the message "Unable to locate the audio files". Why?

EDIT: I solved. There was an invalid character in cue.
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