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[Not my release] Biography view

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in place of each instance of %artist%

[Not my release] Biography view

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Thank you so much!!!....I have been using fb2k for about 4 years now, for little things like this, is that is simple the best player out there.

[Not my release] Biography view

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I just found a simple fix for the problem with incomplete texts from allmusic when an accent is in the text: set the character code of the external script to UTF16. 

[Not my release] Biography view

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Only just been introduced to this plugin and I must say that it rocks.

I have a few of questions:

  • Caching seems to be on by default but no path is specified, is a default location used or is caching non-functional until you pick a location or choose another option?
  • What is Core Image Stub?
  • What does Lock Display Type do?

[Not my release] Biography view

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The foobar2000 skin I was using used to show "Related Artists and Listeners" in the biography section as seen here

But all of a sudden it doesn't show that anymore. It just disappeared. Does anyone know if this is bc of an outdated component or something? I don't get why it would disappear like that.

[Not my release] Biography view

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I have two panels, one for album and one for artist. Every so often the album panel switches to artist instead. This seems to occur when both LastFM and Wikipedia fail to turn up results (though using Built-In Artwork is my third and final server option).

Anyone else seen this?

[Not my release] Biography view

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Try right click menu > options > lock display type

[Not my release] Biography view

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Thanks, I'll give that a whirl.

[Not my release] Biography view

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i love your component and have been using it ever since i switched to foobar.
i just hope you are still checking this thread and are open to feature requests.

my biography panel is set up properly.
i save
1. artist info and pic to x:\lastfm\%artist%\%artist%
2. album info and pic to x:\lastfm\%artist%\%album%\%album%
i use a columns UI text viewer to display the playcount and similar artist list by %lastfm_similar_artist% and %lastfm_artist_playcount% provided by your component.
everything is great!

i'd like to request a few features and improvements (though they have been requested previously) but anyways...

1. Add support for retrieving tags from (the top 5 tags). It will be same method as it was for playcount and similar artist.

2.Do something about the delay in refreshing the display
It takes a very long time to change. it will still display the artist i played half an hour ago!
I have noticed this happens when:
> it's downloading high resolution images from so it kinda clogs your component.
example: say, i play a new artist and the 3 images on are 10+mb. your component begins to download it but in the meantime, i play another artist but the display will not refresh until it downloads the previous artists images.
> this also happens when my network is overloaded and i haven't kept aside any speed for normal browsing

3. When search cache after online search is unchecked, the component should check local cache first and...
> if the cache exists then no need to request the online source at all
> if cache exists but cache is old then (stop display: if it causes locking issues) and download the latest info.
> if cache doesn't exist, then request online sources (obviously)
The problem here is, i believe it checks the online source even when local cache exists and is up to date.

sorry for the trouble
hope you get my message

oh! one more thing.
in server preferences > | Artist > "Artist picture criteria", the option "Popurarity" is misspelled. It should be "Popularity"
but it's no big deal.

foobar2000 v1.1.9 | Columns UI v0.3.8.8 | Biography View v0.

[Not my release] Biography view

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I'm using the review script generously provided in post #387, and it seems to work very well a great deal of the time, but probably one out of ten albums I receive the reply of "No review was found for..." for an album and album artist combination that I can verify is reviewed at allmusic.  I don't think I've done anything incorrectly in my script call because everything works perfectly the other 90% of the time, and I believe that I have properly tagged my file and accurately passed the proper album artist and album tags to the script, based on what the script returns and what I find at allmusic.  I have the character codes set to UTF8.  I also treid UTF16 but nothing changed for the missing reviews.

Example albums that fail for which there are reviews at allmusic but no review found by the script:

Peter Gabriel's Security
Pink Floyd's Animals

For both Peter Garbriel and Pink Floyd, the script successfully returns reviews for other albums.

any suggestions?  thanks

[Not my release] Biography view

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Both albums:

have multiple releases. Script tries to find first match for Artist and Album and they does not have review, so this thing can happen on such popular albums, which is no good.
Script can be changed a bit to crawl all matches for review if multiple matches are found, and I'll try that when I boot in Windows in near future

[Not my release] Biography view

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A belated thanks for looking into picking a match that has a review.  On a related note, I notice frequently when the script does pull down a review from allmusic, the bottom of the review is incomplete.  It seems to be related to allmusic's habit of only displaying part of a review and forcing a user to hit a "read more" button on their site to display the full reivew.  This also happens with the related allmusic script for pulling down artist biographies.  If there is a way to tweak the allmusic script in post #387 and the related script for artist information to simulate hitting that button or working around it, that would be great.

[Not my release] Biography view

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Biography view works great for me, but I confirm that it is incompatible with foo_w7shell.  Guess I'll use the system tray instead.

[Not my release] Biography view

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hi guys. i have to say that this is an awesome plugin! but i just switched from an old version to current version and have one simple question. is it any possibility to hide the scrollbar? didn't find it anywhere, big thanks.

[Not my release] Biography view

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In case this helps any script developer, I just noticed that the allmusic bio of Loreena McKennitt ( ) displayed by this component exhibits a behavior I had not noticed before in this component (doesn't mean it hasn't been happening - I don't consider myself the most observant person by a long shot)

- The scripts posted in #387 and #395 both deliver text beyond the "read more" limit
- Both scripts chop the text at the same point: after the letter "c" in the first instance of "fiance"

Doing some counts, this point represents 285 words, 2012 characters not including space or line breaks, 2401 characters with spaces and paragraph breaks (and includes a count of three for the three paragraph breaks recognized by script from post #395).  Hope that means something or otherwise helps.

[Not my release] Biography view

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OK, sorry it took me so long to boot in Windows

This rev. will resolve problems on popular releases as Pink Floyd - Animals:

Here is diff:

regex pattern slightly changed to defend from possible garbage, and simple indicator added for crawling reported problematic releases.

About your last post, I guess it's something to do with character encoding and I hope it's nothing to do with this script. Best, try to change encodings in biography setting and see if it will resolve


[Not my release] Biography view

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about hiding the scrollbar issue in #415, sorry, the option was there right in front of me... didn't see it the first time lol

[Not my release] Biography view

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Great job, Romor - thanks very much!  Reviews for popular albums are now being found, and switching to ANSI dealt with the e with grave at end of "fiancè" that I should have noticed.

[Not my release] Biography view

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just two more questions/requests:

is it possible to not to write the file, if no %album% tag is found? (for the album option)
is it possible to clear the panel if you switch to a new song? because now the previous info is still displayed for about 5-10 secs

many thanks

[Not my release] Biography view

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Not being knowledgeable of scripting beyond some very simple things, if the new script was intended to just return one review result instead of concatenating several reviews, then it works as you intended!  I'll probably keep both versions because sometimes seeing the different reviews can be interesting.

Related to my scripting deficiencies, I've tried to tweak your script for something and I've failed.  I have lots of albums with parenthetical information in the album title, like "(Disc 1 of 2)" to ensure I have unique album names for each disc I ripped, but because the review sites don't care about such matters, my album names with such text don't return review results.  There is probably a regular expression to ignore parentheses and the contents within in an album tag, but it's beyond me.  If you get some time it would be great to add the ability to ignore such text in the album tag, or tell me what to put where to mod it myself.

If there is another way to do this with existing functionality that I missed without creating a new tag, please let me know as well.  Thanks!

[Not my release] Biography view

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Yea, Godrick that was the problem :-[ That indicator needed to be reset, or you'll get all reviews for particular ARTIST - ALBUM combination. And indicator wasn't really needed as main 'For' loop can be exited from anywhere and there was a perfect place for it. I should have thought this in first version but I didn't noticed possibility for this problem.

If you want to tweak things to you preference here is VBS reference: or better here:

About you problem, look at line 12 in script:

ALBUM = ARGS.Item(1)

You can strip string part in brackets by replacing simple regex pattern "\([^\)]*\)", but here is different way (replace line 12 with it):

You can use other functions, like instead more general Mid() use Left() etc.

[Not my release] Biography view

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Romor, thanks again.  I like your suggested script insert because it's far easier to follow and remember than the regex pattern.  For quite a while tonight I thought I screwed up entering the few lines, but it appears that the garbage results I was viewing in the component using my test album was a result of garbage among the reviews of Pink Floyd's The Wall on allmusic.  I entered echo lines to confirm script values to ensure I knew what the script was returning and I found the VBS links very helpful.  I can now get reviews for many albums that I could not get before, and I recommend it for anyone who has parenthetical information in their album names.  Awesome job!

[Not my release] Biography view

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Updated allmusic script:

As mentioned long ago I merged allmusic Review and Biography (with discography match) in one script. It's interesting that I could get both fields in one pass (either Biography from Review and vice versa), but no use in practice as component must execute each separately.

Assuming script is in scripts folder relative to foobar folder:

Artist tab: cscript //NoLogo scripts\foo_allmusic.vbs "%album artist%" "%album%" bio
Album tab: cscript //NoLogo scripts\foo_allmusic.vbs "%album artist%" "%album%"

Double click on biography panel toggles display

Here is what's changed for those that are interested:

Most important - how to ensure that it's right artist in case of multiple artists with same name or in general. I think best way is to find current playing album in allmusic's artist discography and that's what I did like this: there is relevant chance that album name is different than the one on artist's allmusic discography, which is not connected neither with Discogs nor with MusicBrainz so using simple string match like InStr() will make thing worse for all artists instead resolve anything, and yet another regex is used this way - allmusic' album name and user's album name are stripped from non alphabetic characters then user's album name is matched inside allmusic album name; if true, biography is echoed if present otherwise not.
In case this feature is not wanted just comment lines 93 and 111

Similarly for review, album name is checked even if it's not 100% relevant (currently >= 90%) in which case script will additionally echo artist/album combination and relevancy. If it's 100% artist/album is not echoed, but just review.

Also ActiveX object is changed to more general (Microsoft.XMLHTTP) so it should work on Linux too (in Wine) without problems

And there may be issues as I just merged it, and tested on couple of releases. It looks fine to me, but if there are problems do report

[Not my release] Biography view

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One question about versions:
I just checked the online troubleshooter and for biography view it tells me to download the latest version but the version at the page is exactly the one I have installed 
Can anyone shed light on this?