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MP3 - General / Re: New MP3 player
Last post by eahm -
Is there a way you can release a portable version? I rarely install software anymore, almost all I use is portable. Thanks.
isn't 30MB more than 41KB??
It is, but the limit is 40960 kB, not 41 kB. Comma usually is not a decimal mark in english, point "." is. But I'd agree that using comma in that message was not the best of ideas.

@Admins Also the name of the file has to contain a dot, otherwise nothing happens and the browser console shows:
Code: [Select]
TypeError: /(?:\.([^.]+))?$/.exec(...)[1] is undefined  hive-adfa3f58d8e943a7b9def2647ae4b1ff524b227c.js:313:81
(Firefox 57, Linux)
MP3 - General / Re: Track numbering with MP3TAG
Last post by Stacker -
If you use PoQStacker (from you can do this:-

1) Scan the tracks into the library.

2) Create a playlist for album, and have it open on the Playlist (on the righthand pane).

3) Search for the tracks just scanned (press the top Added column to sort into the most recent).

4) Select all the tracks required and press Transfer as Album. If the Track (and CD number) are present in the metadata, the tracks will entered into the playlist in the correct order. If not you can right-click the tracks in the playlist to re-position them.

Alternatively, you can right-click each track in the Music Collection tab, using the Show Tag command enter the required metadata, prior to transferring them into the playlist.

Your playlist is now in your required order.

When you export your playlist to a memory stick (or burn a CD), PoQStacker will include a play-order indexing number to the file name to ensure the play-order is preserved as some music players insist on reordering by alpha-numeric.

MP3 - General / New MP3 player
Last post by Stacker -
Hi all,

This is an invitation to those who are interested in trying a new music player - it is PC based (Win7, 8 or 10, not recommended for Vista). It is low on bling and configuration, but high on performance.

More information and a free beta version is available from

It has NO ad’s or tracking, and it will NOT try to sell you things. It’s all about the music.

All feedback welcome.

I could host any files in my cloud and post the links if you like.
You could also use winrar or such to make a multi part archive, compressed or not. That should do the trick just fine.
Nevermind, I figured it out from an earlier post--just need to format as [%rating%].
Thanks for the plugin!
So is this really nothing that anybody is doing? From what I can tell playback statistics and foo_lyrics3 are the only components doing this sort of thing, and neither is open source which makes figuring out how this is supposed to work a lot harder.

Does anyone know of other components that are creating a metadb_index_client that are open source?

Is it possible to display an unrated track as blank instead of as a question mark?
- if foobar's core allows this: option to display Spectrogram before ReplayGain is applied. If realtime pre-RG signal measurement is not possible, then maybe frequency samples may be "amplified" by number derived from opposite number to actual ReplayGain value used for current processing?
I would love to have this one added in. i'm sure this would be helpful for visualisations like milkdrop etc.