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All music encoding

Hey! So, I assume this has been asked alot before but could not find it so here I am. My All Music looks like that and I guess its due to encoding (its greek). There was an addon from Acropolis that I believe it could help me but its not available anymore. The titles in playlists are fine, they show greek so any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks

Re: All music encoding

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It appears your filenames are broken, then. Maybe the File Operations component could help you rename them to the correct Unicode names?

Re: All music encoding

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My inventory is pretty big to have them renamed one by one so if this is the only possibility, I ll just leave them like that. What might help you to help me is that what shows is folder names but when I try to open containing folder either on the showing folder or the songs in it  I get "Could not open folder: The system cannot find the file specified.   (0x80070002)" pic untitled1 . What I would like to add is at some point I did something, that I cant remember, and it started showing correctly but my disk crashed and latest backup was before whatever I did. As stated, my playlists look fine as shown in pic untitled

Re: All music encoding

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Does that media library actually work and you can add those tracks to playlist for playback? If opening file location doesn't work it sounds like it just shows some old cache of invalid content. Also your playlist looks like the file doesn't actually have any tags and you're only shown the filename as-is.

Check Preferences -> Media Library and verify that paths point to your music library.

If once your album list works and your files still show bad encoding in tags, you can use Chacon component to try to fix them.

Re: All music encoding

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Firstly, thanks for the suggestion. It sort of solved the problem but I still feel its a bit off. Is there any way I can totally remove the All Music area and have spectrum taking that area? Or even leaving it blank would be great

Re: All music encoding

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Certainly. Select View -> Layout -> Enable layout editing mode. You can then remove the UI element you don't like by right clicking it and picking "Cut UI Element". Though you probably won't like the look so replacing it with something else might be better. You can change it by selecting "Replace UI Element" from the context menu instead. If you already removed it just left click the aread to pick a new element. And to make spectrum use all the space, right click the spectrum analyzer element and select "Cut UI Element", then right click on the splitter line between the two elements and select "Paste UI Element". Once you are done deactivate layout editing mode from the View menu.


Re: All music encoding

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worked like a charm! thanks for taking the time to help me out!

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