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CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by JohnnySH -

Thank you for a very detailed explanation, I fully understand what you are saying...

And i am currently Ripping some Sounds Direct CD's from the 90s with a strange problem, they are taking ages to go through the Eac track gap analyst at the the beginning 15mins or so ? So there is something very strange with these pressings / disc rot etc,

So have chosen secure mode for these rips.

Thanks once again for everyone's input, its very much appreciated
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by jaybeee -
In Burst Mode it's possible to obtain a verified rip with an AccuratRip confirmation even though if you did a rip of the same CD in Secure Test & Copy mode you'd get sync and/or timing errors, because the CD has some manufacturing defect or is suffering from disc rot (like those CDs made by PDO UK in the early 90s.) I've some of those CDs and often the only way to rip them completely is in Burst Mode. If you're lucky the Test & Copy CRC will match and you may even get an AccurateRip confirmation. This is an extreme case and you will not get a high confidence, at best confidence 1 or 2, but this is just to say that with the Secure Mode you avoid that kind of cases.

So, in Burst mode it only means your results match those in AccurateRip's database. But if you're the only person to have ripped that CD, then you'll just get "Track not present" or a "Confidence 1" if you've already submitted the results of a previous rip. Or worse, you'll get no confirmation because you ripped a promotional pressing while other rips in AR's database are of the retail CD. In cases where AR's database doesn't hold much info I personally would prefer a rip done in Secure Mode and Test & Copy. But yeah, if you get a high Confidence result then it's highly likely the method doesn't matter much. Although you'll only know about that after the rip is done.

So, with Secure Test & Copy you can be 100% sure of the result. With Burst Mode you cannot be 100% sure, even though many CDs will likely be fine if their AR confidence score is high.

Perhaps the answer for you is to use Secure Test & Copy on CDs that are rare and/or lead to low confidence levels.

Hope that helps.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by Cynic -
Is image mode in EAC a more accurate Rip or is single Track more accurate

This has already been answered by jaybee but to re-iterate:
No, both modes are identical and can be converted losslessly to the other whenever you want with CUETools.

When ripping to tracks, if the disc has a hidden track at the start (HTOA), you need to extract it separately in EAC (if your drive is capable).
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by JohnnySH -
Thanks for your feedback cynic

you have just clarified most of what I believe, there are so many myths out there about CD ripping / speeds / make of drive

what makes me laugh is.. I can go and buy another plextor premium II drive like what I have for about £500 or go to PC world and buy a DVD drive for about £30 and get the same results from ripping my CDs ???

CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by JohnnySH -
One other quick question please,,,,,

Is image mode in EAC a more accurate Rip or is single Track more accurate

I would imagine image mode is the most accurate as this can produce a true bit for bit copy of the CD, including timings etc all in one file, so if you burn it back to a CD you get an exact replica, similar to an ISO file for DVD/BluRay

where as stripping the CD to separate files/tracks could loose some of the timing

also mix CD with one long mix on separate tracks don's play well once ripped on separate tracks, I always image in EAC a mix CD to one track, this always then plays perfect

So i'm guessing the most accurate RIP is an image in EAC to one track

CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC, Plextor Premium II & CUE Sheet
Last post by Cynic -
Now. if Accurip test passes at the end of the Burst Rip, ... Will there be  any audio difference between a Rip in Secure mode or Burst mode ???

if i'm ripping in BURST mode and accurip testing passes, is that not the same ??  i.e. the accurip check sums have passed with other peoples rips, are you saying the audio will be a lower quality in Burst Mode ???

Will there be better AUDIO quality with a Secure Rip vs a Burst Rip


yes my plextor Premium may be built better than a modern DVD drive but surely a EAC digital rip is the same with both old plextor and new DVD drive
oh and the audio will sound identical


You don't have to trust anyone on this, you can test it yourself:
- rip a disc with the Plextor
- rip the same disc with another drive
- use foobar2000's bit comparison component to compare the 2 rips

They'll be identical, except perhaps at the very first or last samples of the rip due to the drives' overreading settings.

will I get anything better in audio quality if I set EAC to secure 4/8 speed Secure Mode ?? other than it taking about 20mins to rip a CD

So will a slower secure Rip give me anything better, with mint pristine CD's

No. Do the same test as before.

Use Secure mode only for the tracks where Burst Test & Copy failed AR verification, sometimes it helps. If Secure does not help, try another drive, or try CUERipper.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: 1.6.7 beta 8 => Exclusive=> Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported format ! !
Last post by Chibisteven -
fb2k v1.6.7 beta 10

How to reproduce:
1. Output Device: Primary Sound Driver [exclusive]
2. Enable smooth seeking...
3. Load playlist attached
4. Click Play stream "Energy Star Night"
After an error occurs, playback will go to the next stream. The sound will be jerky.
This does not happen for beta 6.

I was able to reproduce that.  Seems smooth playback breaks playback.  A feature I don't use but notable.

Also changes in sample rate trigger it but if a resampler is chained in the DSP section it prevents it.  Changes in the number of channels triggers it as well but is worked around with a DSP in the chain, both of which I typically do regardless of exclusive mode or not but I can see where users would have a problem here.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar portable, playlists and relative/absolute paths.
Last post by anamorphic -
Hi there,

If files play correctly when adding from library to a new playlist, you might just need to refresh old playlists. Try Playlist Revive component.

There is also Playlist Tools SMP which can do that and a lot more.

(It might be recommended to not have foobar install inside the monitored library folder, I'm not sure. It also helps to have the same drive letter / paths to the music for each device, so playlists would not need reviving)

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