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Support - (fb2k) / User Interface Module
Last post by jmfa63 -
I have installed the latest version foobar2000_v1.3.17 on Windows 10 : on the first start, I choose standard user interface and I want now for a theme installation the Columns UI interface. But in the pref panel, I have no choice, only standard user interface appear in the drop down menu. I have completely uninstall foobar (standard installation) and re install but I have the same result. Is there a windows parameter to see Columns UI ?
Thank you

Sorry, I just see that the Column UI can be downloaded ! It's ok now :-)
General - (fb2k) / Re: ISO files only play at 44,100hz
Last post by tedsmith -
I've not had problems with playing ISO files on any version of Windows 7 or Windows 10 (which doesn't mean that other won't.)

Windows 10 now has direct support for USB Audio 2.0 which works with many DACs that used to need their own drivers, but I have better luck using my DAC's USB drivers.

Check your <Options><Tools><SACD><Output Mode> is either "DSD" or "DSD+PCM", your <Preferable Area> is "Stereo" and <DSD Processor> is "None"  If you do need the DSD Processor check that <Options><Tools><DSD Processor> isn't set to convert DSD to PCM.

Also, check that <Options><Tools><Playback><Output><Device> is "DSD: ASIO: <your dac>" or "DSD: WASAPI: <your dac>", etc.  If you are using WASAPI (and with some DAC drivers even if you are using ASIO) you need to check that Windows isn't doing any processing of the data.  Open the Sound Settings, check that the volume is 100 then click on "Device Properties" (if you have an older release of Windows 10, you may need to use some other way of getting there.)  In the <Speaker Properties> box that comes up check that the Balance in the <Levels> tab is 100/100, in the <Enhancements> tab click "Disable all enhancements", in the <Advanced> tab click both options in the <Exclusive Mode> area (both "Allow application to take exclusive control of this device" and "Give exclusive mode applications priority".)
Opus / Re: Can anyone reliably ABX OPUS at 160kbps?
Last post by includemeout -
It's obviously my own personal experience and I know what I'm going to say has been said before umpteen times but, being really (really!) strapped for storage space seems to be the domain of mobile phones and what-not, more than any other device.

So, in fairness, that's exactly the kind of use, I at least, feel the least 'empowered' to be listening for this or that artifact; we all know why: noisy surroundings, our minds being usually occupied by some other more pressing demand (busy traffic, being late, etc.).

In short, Opu's being the outstandingly efficient low-bitrate format it is, fits the bill well with a public whose mobile storage space is at a premium, not someone sitting on an armchair.
General - (fb2k) / Re: ISO files only play at 44,100hz
Last post by fuse999 -
I have the current  foo_input_sacd plug-in, and dff files play correctly, I'm wondering if it's a problem with Windows 10. My laptop is Windows 7, set up the same as the PC, and it plays everything as it should. This is a new PC and the one it replaced played everything correctly. Thanks for your interest.
General Audio / Re: Arnold B. Krueger RIP
Last post by includemeout -
His posts on this forum were (and remain) a frequent resource;
I now it's just the natural course of things, but it's funny how an insightful person's legacy works, as many future newcomers will, along the next decade, invariably come across threads in this forum where his worthy contributions will be present, and regardless of agreeing or disagreeing with his views, possibly wonder "Gee, this guy surely knows his stuff!" - only to either move on after finding their answer or, if continuing over here, learn of his demise through this thread, and, regardless of how far ahead of us, probably feel as gutted as many of us are ATM.
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