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Site Related Discussion / Why am I banned?
Last post by arnstein -
I can't get on the site from any PC (Win 10 and Win 7) whether my VPN is on or off. True on Firefox, Chrome & Edge. I can get on via my android phone wirelessly using same router as my hardwired PCs.  I get the "Sorry, guest, you have been banned...not set to expire." error message on PCs. Been a member in good standing since 2006. Why?
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Pops and clicks using official ASIO in Windows 8 with foobar, but no p
Last post by Vexx23 -
Maybe the Realtek ASIO driver is buggy. What is the benefit of using ASIO with an integrated soundcard? If you have ASIO4ALL, then that is pointless, since it is an additional layer above the regular driver.

If this plugin is ever revised, I'd like to request a small change. Upon pressing the Stop button, when the driver is about to be closed, drop priority to Normal. My driver does some work for about 1 second in Time Critical priority (normally locked to 15, but 31 now). I solved this in other applications by not closing the driver (reaper) or using the option to play silence during pause (openmpt). E-MU/Creative added this bug in one of the last 2.xx updates.

Since there is little overhead in playing one audio stream, could the asiohost be optionally configured to play silence, as long as it is selected as an output in Foobar, and keep the device open, and possibly solve the above poster's problem, which appears to occur only during pause.

I think Realtek ASIO is faulty too, and the problems cannot originate from the soundcard, since WASAPI does not exhibit any similar behaviour.
I don't use ASIO4ALL, since my soundcard supports native ASIO driver.

My problem occurs after resuming playback after pause, exactly. Not only I hear awful sounds, but also several tens of seconds of the track are skipped like a damaged tape.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by flashgor -
I paid attention to the unexpected value of the variable time:undefined in the function on_playback_time(time) at the beginning of playback.
So it should be, or can it be fixed?

In script:
function on_playback_time(time) {
    fb.trace(' --------- on_playback_time --- time: ' +time+ ' ---- fb.PlaybackTime: ' +fb.PlaybackTime);

In console:
Opening track for playback: .....
 --------- on_playback_time --- time: undefined ---- fb.PlaybackTime: 0.14017006802721077
 --------- on_playback_time --- time: 1 ---- fb.PlaybackTime: 1.1074625850340127
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar from Windows Store Bluetooth voice commands work, normal installation not
Last post by PeterMac -
yes and still no one answer :/

btw. I also checked and voice control also work on Microosft Groove player, and as I said with Foobar2000 installed only from Microsoft Store.
But installed from there is total useless because I do not have access to "WindowsApps" folder and I even can't put there own user-components folder.
I tried to take ownership to this WindowsApps folder, but with latest Windows 10 build 1803 it's not possible, all files are encrypted with padlock there.

So PLEASE tell me how to make traditional installation Foobar2000 on Win10 work same as on Windows 7 where voice control work via Bluetooth.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: (Android) Notification disappears while on pause
Last post by EpicForever -
It exists at least in 6.0.1. on system level - this is how I encountered and solved issue (changing system list of non power-optimized apps). On Sony it is realized even in 5.x series through Stamina settings - it has its own list of apps allowed in the background. Remember vendors use their own addons, tweaks, etc.

Why it might happen for you just recently?
You might recently installed some 3rd party optimization tool, clicked something due to some system nagging ("tip"), reached some very low battery level for the first time, which triggered it permanently. Many possibilities, no knowledge of how you use your device.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: CD's with pre-emphasis: Cddeemph vs SoX vs Foobar2000
Last post by Rollin -
Just for clarification, are the cddeemph graphs with dithering and the rest without dithering?
cdddemph graphs  are with default settings - 16 bit input, 16 bit output (anyway there is no way to change settings). I would say that i see no symptoms of dithering there.

I haven't been able to download cddeemph
I uploaded it to dropbox -
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