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Test sample archives

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Anyone know where there's a large stash of .aac files?

Test sample archives

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Look into this thread about the (re)organization of a Sample Archive/Database and encode yourself using an AAC encoder from either here or here.

Right now there are many lossless music samples scattered across various places (eg. the upload forum or here).
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Test sample archives

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Apparently not obvious, but I don't need samples I can make.  I can make plenty.  I need AAC samples already made (from myriad encoders).  flac samples are not in the right ballpark.  Hello?

Test sample archives

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So... what exactly are you looking for? And why don't you encode them yourself?
"To understand me, you'll have to swallow a world." Or maybe your words.

Test sample archives

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I am looking for .aac files.  I am not looking for encoders since I have all the (free) encoders.  I don't have $100 to buy nero.  Do you know of nero-made .aac samples?  Compaact samples?  I don't need to know how to fish.  Just give me the fish!

Test sample archives

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Yes, thanks, I have the tech to do m4a to adts.  $60?  Where from?  I can see $86 but no way to return it if it doesn't work.  And that's not including shipping, and that's $100 for really only a aac encoder since I don't need anything else in it.

Since you know, is it true that to do real unlimited AAC you have to buy nero (or have 5.5+), and then, STILL buy a AAC encoder plugin to get 128 kbps or more?  I don't need/can't use AACHE.

Test sample archives

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Nero Online Shop (

Downloadble serial number: 59$ no shipping, you just download the packages you use of the net.

The (HE)AAC encoder is unlimited, and comes with the above package. It is not an extra you must pay for.

BTW. You can download the demo for free too, and encode 30 or 50 files with it.

Test sample archives

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Samples from 128k listening test. They're mp4's, but I assume you are capable of doinf the mp4->aac conversion. is now gone.

You can get all samples from my listening tests here:

Test sample archives

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Quote is now gone.

You can get all samples from my listening tests here:

hi, rjamorim

I can't link the above site, why?

there is following error:
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Test sample archives

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I can't link the above site, why?

No idea. Works perfectly here.

Can you reach the rest of (ReallyRareWares and the Listening Tests page)?


Test sample archives

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Nice thread and interesting samples!

I also have a little sample archive. Would be nice to get some comments on them. In hurry i had put online the samples once for some friends and now i wonder if i should keep them online any longer - it's not the idea to waste webspace you know...

The sample are not fully my 'invention' - a big part is from an internal Revox hifi set test CD.
To make it easy to download it's possible to get a download batch for wget (in win32 style only i guess, sorry).
Thanks for any replies!