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I have returned
It is apparent that nobody else cares or knows how to maintain this new forum script other than myself, and that nobody else checks into the server periodically to make sure its software is being updated.

So I have decided to return to maintain this valuable service, and all decisions are final. If you don't like my administration, you're welcome to find someone else to keep the gears oiled.

  • Coreda
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Re: I have returned
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Cool. 'preciated keeping stuff operational 🥂

  • 2tec
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Re: I have returned
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I think I can speak for everyone here and say thank you.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  ;~)

  • bennetng
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Re: I have returned
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Welcome back :))

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Re: I have returned
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Apparently I missed the backstory on this, but from one sysadmin to another, your work on modernizing HA is appreciated.  Keep on truckin'.