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Title: Energy partition
Post by: pat on 2004-01-12 16:19:54

have some doubt here. For psychoacoustic model-2. There is one table that have "whigh" and "wlow" in ISO11172-3 (table D.3b) (sampling freq=44100Hz).

I use that table to construct the energy partition. Total index=b=57

The function is as follow:-

eb=sum from 'w=wlowb' to 'whighb' (rw^2) 

Ofcourse my total eb will have total 57 reading since b=57.

However, for long block pre-echo control :-


nbb_l(b) = 2*nbb(b)
nbb_ll(b) = 16*nbb(b)

The problem here is qthr(b) in tablec.7.b total have index=b=63, meaning there are total 63 of qthr(b) values in the (tableC.7.b) but I only have 57 of Nbb(b) values. So can I only compare from 1 to 57 values for every block of data? Please
advise. Thanks!

Title: Energy partition
Post by: wkwai on 2004-01-14 04:40:46
Are you sure you have only 57 nbb? That number should be similar to to number of qthr.. that is 63..
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