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Title: Fourier Synthesis of a Square Wave
Post by: dosdan on 2003-10-08 23:28:56
I'm trying to demonstrate Fourier synthesis of a square wave. I've done this before but this time it's not quite going the way I expect it too.  In the formulas below I've got a multiplications and divisions that could be simplified but I've left them as is to show the sequence a little more clearly. In a1:a37 if got a fill sequence of 0:360 in steps. I'm comparing a small number of harmonics (4) with a larger number (20):




As expected, the top of the waveform is flattening off nicely but I think the last time I did this the change in risetime/falltime was much more pronounced with more harmonics. Shouldn't the dV/dt increase with more harmonics and become more abrupt?.  So far, the rise and fall parts are too much the same.
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