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Cover Art in wav files?

The tags on wav files appear to get read by Foobar, but cover art in these tags seems to be ignored.

Is there something different about wav file tags, or is this in error?

Re: Cover Art in wav files?

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I've just read elsewhere that FB displays images in wav files tagged by XLD? Mine were tagged with kid3.

Is that where the difference lies?

Just to clarify, I'm on Windows, not OSX.

Re: Cover Art in wav files?

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You can add cover art into WAV files with foobar2000 and it will be shown. If you made a small sample file that doesn't work Peter could potentially add support for it.

Re: Cover Art in wav files?

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I've been playing about a bit more.

Yes, adding cover art with foobar (through Custom UI) works - but if I'm reading these things right, it looks like it's adding a new ID3 tag instead of updating what's already there.

Both Kid3 and MP3Tag can read the cover art from each other's tags, but for some reason Foobar doesn't. They all seem to be listed as ID3v2.3 too, including the new Foobar tag. Strange.

Re: Cover Art in wav files?

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Hence why you were requested to make a small sample file.

1) Produce a small audio clip, hopefully not copyright encumbered.
2) Tag it with artwork using kid3.
3) Verify that foobar2000 does not recognize the artwork.
4) Upload it to a post to this topic.

If you cannot comply with these steps, perhaps someone else in the topic could be instructed in using kid3 to tag artwork to a file, for their own submission to the topic. It doesn't help if the latest available version of kid3 produces files that already work with foobar2000, but may also indicate a possible bug in their tagger.

It is entirely possible that kid3 is using a different tagging scheme for attaching pictures to WAV files. I will have to examine the resulting files myself. Perhaps I will proceed with testing as well.

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