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Opus / Re: Opus 1.3 is out!
Last post by mzso -
I think that pattern broke because eight is good and 10 sucks. You only need to replace the start menu and it's much like 7, only more efficient. Meanwhile 10 brings perpetual performance issues, severe bugs, pointlessly removed features
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v1.4.1 beta 3+4 replay gain scanning
Last post by mjm716 -
Thanks, but your response creates more confusion.

If the process is so much slower now, does that imply my previous library RG data is inaccurate?

For general MP3 RG scanning, is True Peak Scanning not required?

If it is required, I was using auto 2x, while PPHS is a different option.
Where can I find more detail about these options?

CUETools / Re: Cannot verify one track album rip without cue file
Last post by Porcus -
I checked the accuraterip tag box on verify and had CDTOC on true, but cuetools isn't writing the tags when I go to verify the album. I tested both 2.1.7 and 2.1.6. I have no clue if i encountered a bug or not.
Hm. Did you look at the preset in the upper-left corner? Did you ask it to skip recently verified, or verify only if found?

I cannot test right now, but I could possibly have populated the ACCURATERIPID tag myself, rather than having CUETools do it. (I just looked up Crimson in my library ...) Since I rip with dBpoweramp, which writes the ID to a different tag, I could have extracted it to CUETools' tag once upon a time. See last paragraph for details about those tags.

If you want the ID for manual tagging - and then subsequent CUETools treatment - you can try . Move all your single-track CDs over to a separate parent directory, let it AccurateRip scan that parent folder. It finds some albums that CUETools cannot. Generally speaking, not so relevant for single-track albums: you can tag an entire album manually, you do not need to tag each track - see next paragraph. Now if it is already AR verified, you do not need to run it through CUETools - but if it needs repair, then you want CUETools to find it.

Longer story, and I think CUETools reads more tags now: dBpoweramp writes an "ACCURATERIPDISCID" tag, which is really a disc+track ID: 001-0002bf63-00057ec7-02096001-1 where the leading triplet is the total number of audio tracks (why a third figure is needed, beats me) - and the final "-1" is the number of the actual track, as AccurateRip is basically track-based and not disc-based.  CUETools is disc-based, and its tag of choice is ACCURATERIPID, which is formed out of characters 5 through 30, same tag for all tracks in an album.

Blah blah blah unstructured ... ask if I was too unclear about something that you actually care about.
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v1.4.1 beta 3+4 replay gain scanning
Last post by Porcus -
Strange, but: I performed a clean fb2k install of beta 4 this week-end. [Which resolved some - to me - unexplainable issue with a component - Case has the details].

And suddenly yesterday night I saw four-figure numbers for RG scanning.  And come to think of it, I have seen that before ... but not in a while.
FLAC / Re: 24bit 96khz to 24bit 48khz conversion
Last post by magicgoose -
1) yes the distortion from simple rounding will be impossible to hear in the vast majority of real life cases and with normal listening volume. and there are also no downsides from enabling the dithering except that this will increase the file size a little (after lossless compression with codecs like FLAC) but this is also going to be extremely little

2) if the original recording doesn't have "true peaks" above 0 dBFS, then no; a proper resampler will not produce peaks higher than that no matter what sample rate you use. but if it has such peaks, then it depends. but from my math intuition, if you're downsampling and using an integer fraction (here you're going to subsample by exactly 1/2), that's relatively unlikely. 
besides clipping, there are no other possible negative effects if you use a good resampler (such as SoX).

some explanation: 1/2 downsampling can be equivalent to these 2 actions:
1) remove all frequencies above 1/4 of the current sample rate with a linear phase filter (this is extremely unlikely to create higher peaks, but afaik this is possible with things like square waves)
2) skip every odd (or every even) sample (this will obviously not create any higher peaks)
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 v1.4.1 beta 3+4 replay gain scanning
Last post by mjm716 -
OK, I'm a fan of a scientific method, so to humor us both I installed 1317 / 14 / 141b4.
New portable installs, using the same set of MP3 files - any existing RG data cleared before each test.

RG setting was: Quiet Mode on / Downsample on auto / True Peak auto 2x (for 1317 2x was manually selected)

Each test performed after new restart.




speeds did not vary significantly during scantime - they were the same at scan start as termination

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