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Kode54 where are youuuu........... Embed midi channels


Is there anyway to embed a couple midi channels into a Wave file using fubar2000 your midi plugin?
Or to record midi info into the audio?  Possibly a new fumat :-)

I do this sonar but hate their playlist view for live performance. (unstable and hard to read & few options)
All I want to do is run a few midi CCs over two channels in-sync with the audio.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Kode54 where are youuuu........... Embed midi channels

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As I PMed to you, this sounds more like something that would be useful for mastering audio.

I have never tried Sonar in recent years, but I have used both Logic Pro X and Reaper. You may have better luck with the real time auditioning in Reaper?

What are your machine specs, if I may ask? That may go a long way to identifying whether it's even worth switching to a different DAW.

Rendering with tracked tools in a text or json based format, using either rendered MIDI with foo_midi or any other plugin, or using a MIDI with no notes as a CC system to apply controls to the audio streams you're rendering from, may be possible, but I haven't tried something that bold as far as projects go.

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