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Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc2
Last post by IgorC -
Great news.

When  final release will be ready?    O:)  ( joking)

Will try it later and report.

Thank you.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Linear Phase Subwoofer
Last post by Gadgety -
Hi, Wow, a Linear Phase cross over!! I'm new to Foobar2000 and I've only just installed and opened the app, but this is my first impression: Mindblowing!

What I noticed that I found mindblowing:

* The amazing flexibility and ability to control settings
* Ms delay resolution down to 0.1 ms. Just wow!
* Negative delay - so that sub may be "prelayed"
* 12 different types of cross over filters and with adjustability within each!! Wow!
* Adjustable FIR length in fractions of ms
* Snap back to original settings when unsync/resync - nice safety net when/if I mess things up

Features I found that possibly could be added are:
* Additional names for the filters such as their db/octave or "Linkwitz-Riley" etc
* A dual ms/distance scale for the delay
* A version of delay adjust for when multiple subs are used and they are not equidistant to the main speakers/listener.
* In addition, I understand this is mono signal for the sub channel, could it be made into stereo?

I have a few questions:

If I unsync L/R there will be some influence on the total cross over frequency/timing curve. I guess this influences phase? Will this enable stereo LFE if I have more subs? I have two, and cross them over quite high in the range, so I will need stereo or lower the cross over frequency.

Bass processing is resource intensive. The adjustable FIR lengths, which I assume is the same as "filter taps" (please correct me if I misunderstand) enables a balance between resource usage, the time it takes to process and quality. If I set it to max, the 700 ms, I assume this will render the highest resolution in the bass. Is this correct?

Thank you for this outstanding plug in!!

General Audio / Re: Swinsian on MAC, awesome!
Last post by tomstephens89 -
I'm amazed that it's been around since 2011 apparently ( and I've never heard of it.

Thanks for this, I'm going to have a look as it looks quite promising.

I was surprised as well. I thought the only option for us MAC users outside of converting to ALAC for iTunes was Clementine. Ive tried to like Clementine but the interface is terrible, it needs a major update and feels laggy anyway.

Tried VOX as well, but the Library functionality sucks.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_playlist_revive
Last post by BlackRitus -
@Moderation: Please remove the dead link from the first post completely.
No one benefits from it and it's confusing.
There are constantly users claiming they couldn't find it / it's offline, especially when they look at the date.
And then they think
Code: [Select]
is the new link, which also doesn't work...

Please just edit it, no one will be mad at you.
General Audio / Re: Do you keep "hi-rez" downloads as hi-rez, or do you convert?
Last post by Fairy -
I have downsampled hires files before to 44/16 FLAC and couldn't notice any difference. Nowadays I keep the original file in FLAC format. Just because I have no space issues and the rest is maybe just for peace of mind I don't know. I'll have to do some ABXing sometime with 192KHz files against 44.1 upsampled to 192KHz files to see if I notice any difference. I think I cannot.

I only downsample if it is needed. I've had a 64KHz album once that just doesn't play on any hardware I own. That was a very strange (non-standard?) spec. After conversion to 16/44 it worked perfectly.
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