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General Audio / Re: Crossfeed - The next generation
Last post by xnor -
Anyone implemented this Linkwitz Crossfeed for Headphone use?
That's what bs2b implements.

I tried to prepare it as a EqualizerAPO preset - but, with this implementation it's not easy to make direct comparisons against those common plug-in type implementations so, I can't be sure or say if it sounds OK or is implemented correctly. Any thoughts?Anyone implemented this Linkwitz Crossfeed for Headphone use?
Why not? Equalizer APO monitors the file for changes, there's even a UI where you can switch included files on or off.
Comparison shouldn't be hard at all.
FLAC / Re: playing FLAC files ripped by EaC in a DLNA network
Last post by Klimis -
Usually problems with FLAC files are caused by embedded artwork or nonstandard/variable block size. Do problematic files have embedded artwork?
About block size and other possible differences: you can use metaflac.exe --list filename.flac to see complete info about your FLAC files and find what is difference between old and new files.
I was about to post this. Android in general seems to experience serious issues in these areas, especially flacs with variable block size made with EAC's own flac encoder are completely unplayable on Android.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)
Last post by no9 -
Possibility to disable and enable rendering without removing it from interface would be great. It is a bit annoying when you jump quickly from one track to another and have to wait until plugin process all the data.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Create cue sheet from EAC log
Last post by greynol -
This may surprise you greynol, but I still burn CDs for playing in my car. My car CD player reads CD-TEXT, so I do like it when I can have it.

As for CueTools, did we definitely settle the question of whether it can properly re-create the correct cue sheet or not?

greynol, I have read many posts from you of late that have the same message. If you think these issues are outdated, have been discussed before or are not worth your time, why bother even posting a response?
Not surprised at all, believe it or not.

No matter how many times you ask the question, CT will not incorporate pregap information from a log file into a cue sheet.  Log files contain no cd-text.  Since you seem to holding out hope for a different answer (because you've been misled?) I decided to make this clear one more time. The whole spiel about hidden tracks and the like was off-topic.

Now it's your turn to tell me why you need pregap information in order to play burnt CDs in the car.

...or not, but I make no apologies for my contributions to this discussion.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Track timing with Don't reset DSP between tracks
Last post by j7n -
Thank you Case for elaborate, good explanation. I guess we have to accept what the current plugin architecture supports. Maybe in the free space below "slow, needed for crossfading", a warning could appear once the box is checked, "Track durations may change slightly", or similar. Does "slow" refer to the process becoming single-threaded, or is there another reason why conversion would become slow without reset?

I was looking to combine IIR Filter or possibly a VST EQ with resampler into one pass. In my experiment I had uncompressed wav files in input. The maximum deviation of track length depends on the Normal/Best mode selected, which makes sense, as best would have higher latency. With FLAC block size bumped to 16384 (only for this test), highest observed difference on one album increases from 3 to 12 CD frames.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Track timing with Don't reset DSP between tracks
Last post by lvqcl -
I tested how SoX resamplers deals with chunks when foobar2000 resamples 44100 Hz FLAC file to 48000 Hz.

Sizes of input chunks : 4096; 4096; 4096; 4096; 4096; 4096; 4096; 4096; 4096; 4096;...
Sizes of output chunks : 7238; 5786; 3857; 3857; 5787; 3857; 3857; 3858; 5786; 3857; ...

(Apparently the decoder reads a FLAC frame, decodes it and sends an audio chunk to foobar2000 core. So the length of all input chunks is 4096 samples.)

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