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Encoding to AAC question.

Hey everyone.
Im new to the whole encoding kinda stuff, and I have a little problem.
I have AAC Machine and beSweet and stuff. I extracted the MP3 Audio from an AVI to WAV format, and now I want to convert it to AAC. I have tried, but the output file is always 0 Bytes in siz, so im a lil confused.
Am I doin something wrong or is it meant to be like that?
And If I have the m2v and WAV file, how o i join them back together, so when I play them I get sound? But DVD players dont support wav, so I kinda need to sort the AAC thing dont i?
:S Confused


Encoding to AAC question.

Reply #1
* 0 bytes is not normal
* you are doing something wrong
* so you want to transcode an mp3 to aac? don't. keep mp3 - unless you are doing something like 320kbps mp3 -> ~64 kbps aac, then i can see the validity... so:
* decode mp3 to wav (like you did) encode wav to aac

you'll need to tell us your intentions.