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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: DarkOne4Mod how to add 2 buttons for replaygain on/off and album or track ?
Last post by Jacob91 -

Thanks to Marc I was able to add an extra audiocontrol that handles Replaygain.

It's an imagebutton that re[resents the state of Replaygain by the color of the button (supports hover).
If you click it a dropdown menu appears where you can select what mode of Replaygain you want and subsequently the color of the button  will change accordingly.

Status Disable=Red, Track=Blue, Album=Green, by playbackorder=Yellow.
Right clicking the button sets Track mode.

I'll send you a private message how to proceed.

Can I have the JS code for thoses buttons ? I'd like to use ReplayGain with buttons.
Afterwards, it will be a matter of placing the buttons correctly in the appropriate tab. (foobar2000 with DUI)
I'll try to do my best.
Polls / 2024 Lossy format poll
Last post by includemeout -
"In democracy it's your vote that counts; In feudalism it's your count that votes."
- (found on a Linked-in extraordinaire's bio)

It's that time of the year again!
As usual this will shut around 2025 New Years' Day, depending on where in the world you are.
Worth mentioning that, just like last year, now one can gorge oneself up by voting for up to 5 different formats.
Once said votes are confirmed they cannot be changed afterwards.
General - (fb2k) / Re: DarkOne 4.0 - modified skin
Last post by Defender -
Can you describe your development environment?
Editors, IDEs, source control (git?), etc.
How do you revert to "last known good" if something goes bad?

I use notepad++ to edit sources.
I use common sense to save sources per minor/major release in separate folders before major changes.
I update a log with minor changes and summarize them before a major release.
I get ideas of what to implement reading this forum.

For instance today I made some minor changes:
1) Finalized and implemented a replaygain button which I added to my audiocontrols code
2) When HDCD is detected I show hdcd peak extend, hdcd_gain, transcient filter if applicable displayed in front of  codec HDCD
3) I made DR available in ELP per track/per second (because you use it that way)

In the summarize log it looks like this
Code: [Select]
1.67 [Summary from 1.66h1]
Fixed annoying TrackTime fluctuations with adjacent 11's with proprtional Segoe UI in displaying tracktime_lapsed and tracktime_remaining
Added foo_dynamic_range plugin. Rightclick in playlist offers scanning and writing Dynamic Range
GROUP.DR.ON Default 1. Show album DR in Group
POPUP.DR.ON Default 1. Show track DR in Popup(Track)
ROW.DR.ON Default 0. Show track DR in Per track/Per second
CODE.DISC_TRACK Contains discno / trackno format code of elp.per track and elp.per second, which has been removed from both modules
CODE.SPECS Fix DTS 96/24 and DTS-HD MA 96/24 correctly. When playing HDCD show Peak extend, Gain, Transcient filter before codec when active
CODE.INIT.TAGS Processes %DISCSUBTILE% and published in as g_discsubtitle
ELP Track list and Per second show g_discsubtitle on right of title if track.txt=1
ELP Track list, Per Second and Popup(Track) all use CODE.DISC_TRACK
ELP Popup(Background) - Display g_albumartist instead of Various and display %el_sum_length% when hovering on track
ELP Popup(Track) - Only show sanitized trackno when hovering on group, show sanitized trackno/totaltracks on track without leading 0's
Setupmode Prebar height is adjustable and separated from Buttonbar height. Size 22-32. Initialized at 24
Setupmode Prebar Controls height/width is adjustable. Size 12-24. Initialized at 14
Setupmode TrackTime format and AudioControls can be changed from setupmode only. Blocked in and Added Replaygain button to AudioControls Seekbox 0=OFF 1=WaveMini 2=WaveSeek 3=Seek 4=Seek-AudioCD (only activated in case of AudioCD). 1&2 revert to Seek when AudioCD is playing Added Replaygain button to AudioControls Overhauled all bezel, accent and gradient painting which is selectable for Bottom Panel, Middle Box and per Top Plugin. Outside accent and inside same size bezel now Added Top Plugin WaveMini and Top Plugin TrackTime Top Plugins (QuickSearch, WaveMini, TrackTime, AudioControls) can be cycled between LMR and will be combined if adjacent plugins are the same TrackTime format (off is not available) and AudioControls selection only available in Setupmode

I also have a todo list, but that's rather empty at the moment.
MP3 - General / Re: Mp3gain Usage Guide
Last post by Kraeved -
Guys, does anyone know how to automatically lower the sound level of a clipped MP3 slightly below 0 dB via the command line and stay there without normalizing the volume according to any standards? In the graphical wrapper, this is called “max no-clip gain”.

Polls / Re: 2023 Lossy format poll
Last post by includemeout -
For those who dig it, here are the spreadsheet and the graph for the Lossy Format polls started in 2013:

PS: a simple trend line for the number of votes cast is located on the top right corner of the sheet depicting, it seems, a trend of our yearly votes to settle down around the 200-mark -  a far cry from those initial years. Though it should be noted that 2023 was the first time we were finally able to vote for more than one format.

PPS: speaking of trend lines, there are, in the graph, one each for the three most used formats (AAC, MP3 and Opus) as well as one for 'none' (the "barbed wire" one) - which, BTW, might as well be considered a margin of error of sorts, since all formats below its (currently) 6% (except still lingering Ogg Vorbis) are just too *insignificantly small to be properly evaluated - and therefore taken into account, IMHO.

* nothing personal against your fave obscure format, mind you, since I for one also pick at least one of those every year.