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New BonkEnc v0.9 release!

A new version of the BonkEnc Audio Encoder and Ripper has been released recently. There are many new features the most notable of which are the following:

- Greatly improved joblist and user interface. You can edit title information in the main window now.
- Support for LAME presets.
- Full freedb support. Previous versions only supported reading CD data. With v0.9 you can now edit the CD information and send it back to the freedb server.
- The GUI has been translated to Hungarian, French, Russian, Serbian and Finnish language.
- Support for Drag & Drop has been added. Simply drop your audio files on the joblist to add them for encoding.
- Reading title information from ID3V2/Vorbis comment tags is now supported.

Go and get the new version at now!

Robert Kausch