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XMPlay 3.5

Lightweight Windows music player, finally ready with a whole sleighful of changes

Some of the more notable ones include:

* Built-in AIFF support
* Crossfading
* Track rating
* Configurable SRC quality
* More flexible search system (present/absent directives)
* Quick find shortcut

Direct link: XMPlay 3.5

XMPlay 3.5

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A seriously under-appreciated piece of software. Thanks for the heads-up.

XMPlay 3.5

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I wish there was a Windows Mobile version of XMPlay...

XMPlay 3.5

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I've been a happy XMPlay user for years now. A fantastic program.

But it is not too friendly with wavpack and tak, which is unfortunate. At least I am unable to edit wavpack tags, and the TAK encoder is not working while other encoders like lame 3.98.2 and oggenc2 work just fine. (The files decode, but as soon as XMPlay calls takc to encode the result, the processing simply stops without any errors).

XMPlay 3.5

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XMPlay is great for playback (and is the most compact audio player I know for its feature set), but it's notoriously bad for tag editing, as it relies on the playback plugin to provide this feature. Its own internal library system is better suited for this, if you intend on using this program for your primary player.

XMPlay 3.5

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In the meantime there's 3.5.1
I keep track of the latest stable version and some plugins here
I don't care much about bad tag editing, I have other apps for that. It's a player, no need for a swiss knife.

XMPlay 3.5

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My feedback regarding XMPlay is that
XMPlay is not "lightweight" as CoolPlayer & foobar are "lightweight".
I still have my original laptop/PC from 1998 -
a Toshiba 4005cds with a 233mHz PII maxed out at 160mb RAM.
I also have two much more modern XP laptops ...

Anyway, I use the 4005 to play audio & video files while
I do stuff / work on the other two laptops.
The 4005 can run CoolPlayer & foobar without
maxing out & locking up at 100% CPU usage, but
XMPlay (as do most A/V freeware apps) sends 4005 CPU usage to 100%.
I realize most people don't evaluate XMPlay
in the context of such a dinosaur laptop, but nonetheless ...
there is my feedback ...
The 4005 can run VLC, SMPlayer, CoolPlayer, WinAmp, foobar,
JetAudio (when properly tweaked) & (together with) SpecLab at about 50% CPU usage.

Thank you.


XMPlay 3.5

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Note that XMPlay is not foobar2000 or any of the other players listed and has different design philosophies. If you have a problem with the CPU usage, I suggest you take it up with the developer in a more official forum. This is just a news post because there are users here who use it. It is a great player indeed!