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CoolPlayer 207 is out!

Yesterday saw another incremental change in CoolPlayer, the MAD-based MP3/native OGG/Winamp-plugin-compatible minimalist audio player. Okay, for most of you this is probably outweighed by the new release of foobar 2000 0.5 final, but I'll let the author explain what this new version offers to justify its existence:
From the release notes;
Version 207
+ Added "TrackStack" - right click in the track's "Stack" column for advanced play options
+ Fixed Mixer selection code (for volume control) should now affect the MASTER volume for the output device
+ Skin state no longer resets when you close the options dialog
+ Hitting the PLAY button during pause will now unpause
+ Added support for multimedia keyboards (also made the "PAUSE" button work on normal 102key keyboards)
+ Added support for "live" EQ changes - but only on the Cooler Wave mapper output device
+ Increased buffer size for the Cooler Wave mapper (will reduce skipping on slower systems)
+ Fixed (and improved) the rotating systray icon
+ Middle clicking on the systray icon now toggles pause state (if playing)

- M.