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SHNTool 1.2.1 is out!

Yesterday a new incremental version of SHNTool was released... but with a beautiful set of improvements.  Not only does this new version support WavPack, but any other encoder/string the user wants to configure.
version 1.2.1 (2003-02-17)
 + added new mode 'md5' (computes MD5 hash of audio data, independent of format)
 + added support for wv (WavPack) file format
 + added new output format module 'cust' that allows one to specify a custom
   encoder to use in the creation of output files - this enables the user to
   override the default encoder arguments for formats that shntool already
   supports, as well as encode to formats that shntool does not yet support

And just what is SHNTool? Here's the author's own abstract:
shntool is a multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility. File formats are abstracted from its core, so it can process any file that contains WAVE data, compressed or not - provided there exists a format module to handle that particular file type.
shntool has native support for .wav files. If you want it to work with other formats, you must have the appropriate helper program installed....

The website contains links to all those "helper programs" (SoX, MAC, FLAC, LPAC, OptimFROG, Shorten, WavPack), but remember with this version you can also roll your own (OGG, MP3, MPC, Speex...). Enjoy!

    - M.

Edit: Hand-in-hand with this, WavPack 3.97 final is out today...