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Topic: First 3G phone from Sony Ericsson(With MPEG-4/AAC) (Read 2015 times) previous topic - next topic
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First 3G phone from Sony Ericsson(With MPEG-4/AAC)


Its integrated camera digital camera will be capable of capturing both still images at VGA resolution and video at QCIF resolution, which can then be sent as MMS or e-mail. There is also a dedicated video call camera placed below the main display, so while the camera is filming the user, the other party can be viewed in the display. Multimedia formats supported range from MPEG4 through H.263, ACC and AMR, and the phone also comes fitted with MP3 playback capabilities.

ACC should be 'AAC' actually.  All in all, first SonyEricsson 3G phone is fully capable for MPEG-4 (H.263 video - simple profile, and AAC audio) and MP3 playback.


First 3G phone from Sony Ericsson(With MPEG-4/AAC)

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So god started making mobil phones? :drool: