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BonkEnc v1.0 RC 1 Released

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I use Windows XP x64 and it did not display any message installer completed fine and program runs fin but it just does not detect that there is a cd in the drive 
Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing here, BonkEnc will not automatically add CD tracks to the job list at startup. You have to click the "Add audio CD contents" icon in order to do that (and you might have to select the correct drive there of course).

Does BonkEnc detect your CD drives at all? I.e. does it display the "Add audio CD contents" icon and the "File->Add...->Audio CD contents" menu item?


BonkEnc v1.0 RC 1 Released

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Lol, damn that was a stupid error i made there, i just assumed it would show a list of the files on the cd like EAC does, but now i got it working, thanks for the help ;-)

Now its time to start playing around with the program