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Audacity 1.1.1 (beta) Is Now Available...

Audacity is a multi-platform freeware audio editor for Windows, Mac OS 9/X, and Linux/Unix. The latest beta (1.1.1) is now out, and adds a slew of new features to the previous release. This program uses VST plugins - no DirectX support as of yet, however - and includes several built-in effects/tools, as well as the ability to open WAV, AIFF, AU, IRCAM, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis audio files. A full list of changes from 1.0 follows:

New features in Audacity 1.1.1:

  * User Interface
    - Tooltips appear in Statusbar.
    - Vertical cursor follows play/record
    - Pause button
    - Drawing tool (with three different modes)
    - Vertical Resizing of stereo tracks is more fun.
    - Adjust selection by click-dragging selection boundary
    - Toolbar button context-sensitive enabling/disabling
    - Better zooming functionality (centers region)
    - Multiple ways to display the cursor position and selection
    - Snap-to selection mode
    - Drag tracks up and down
    - Align and group align functions
    - Cursor save/restore
    - Working history window
  * Effects
    - Effects broken down into three menus: Generate, Effect, and
    - Generate menu lets you generate silence, noise, or a tone
    - Nyquist support (supports plug-ins written in Nyquist,
      an interpreted functional language based on Lisp)
  * Localization
    - Improved localization support
    - More languages available
    - Language selection dialog on startup
  * Mac OS X
    - Support for more audio hardware
    - Support for full-duplex (play while recording)
    - Support for MP3 exporting using LameLib Carbon
  * Unix
    - Audacity now has a man page (it describes command-line
      options and how to set the search path)
  * File Formats
    - Uses libsndfile 1.0, which fixes some bugs and
      improves performance
  * Searching for Files:
    - On Windows and Mac OS, Audacity now looks for
      translations in the "Languages" folder and all plug-ins
      in the "Plug-ins" folder, relative to the program.
    - On Unix, Audacity looks for translations in
      /share/locale and looks for everything else
      in /share/audacity and also in any paths in
      the AUDACITY_PATH environment variable

New features in Audacity 1.1.0:

  * Core audio processing:
    - Support for 24-bit and 32-bit sample formats
    - Automatic real-time resampling (using linear
  * Effects:
    - Support LADSPA plugins on Linux / Unix
  * File formats:
    - New XML-based Audacity project format
    - Full Ogg Vorbis support now (importing and exporting)
    - Export to any command-line programs on Unix
    - Support for reading and writing many more types of
        uncompressed audio files, including ADPCM WAV files.
  * Toolbars
    - New toolbar drawing code; automatically adopts your
        operating system's colors
    - New toolbar buttons (Skip to Start, Skip to End)
    - New Edit toolbar
    - Toolbar buttons disable when they're not available
  * User Interface
    - Fully customizable keyboard commands
    - Autoscroll while playing or recording
    - New Ruler, used in main view and in
        FFT Filter effect
    - The waveform now displays the average value in a lighter
        color inside the peak values
  * Localization
    - Audacity can now be localized to different foreign

New libraries in Audacity 1.1:

  * libmad for fast MP3 importing
  * libid3tag for editing MP3 file information
  * libsndfile to read and write more audio file formats
  * PortAudio for cross-platform audio playing and recording