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Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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I also registered since January 2002 and watch here everyday as well.

It seems in the past several weeks, Hydrogen Audio became a playground for many people who are simply not interested in "Psychoacoustic Audio Compression". It seems there were lots of people who have too much spare time to spend and they just wasted their time increasing post counts in OT forum. Those "What are you listening..." and health-related issues are simply nonsense in Hydrogen Audio IMO. Instead the audio-related discussions became a little silent except for the LAME 3.93 discussion. A little OT is OK, but in the past several weeks there were just too much.

I am glad to hear this news.

Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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I think that we should keep the post count but people's "level" shouldn't be affected by it. The Moderator's should maybe select when people have moved up. Or get rid of them all together except for the people who are actively involded with board maintenance, software development, particularly knowledgeable members, etc. Opinions?
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Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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I have to agree over the pass few weeks there have been way too many off topic threads, but it was all good! Its not everyday there is development in the psychoacoustic audio compression field, and one can run so many listening tests. So off topic is great for those who all share the same interest to come together and share ideas and sites that are not entirely related to the audio compression field, and to fill in the time that you put away to browse HA.

Great to move all the irrelevent posts out of the portal view, makes my life easier to see whats new on the board that is relevant to the reason I signed up for. Tho when your bored go to off topic .

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Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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I agree with Pio. Let's keep the postcount there, and OT posts don't count. Excluding them from the Portal also makes it easier to navigate for all the devs and hardcore audio cracks, who come here for discussing the trademark "Cross-Platform, Cross- Format, Psychoacoustic Audio Compression" topics. 

Long story short: Keeping it as it is now.

Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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I like the new setup, but I definitely don't discount the value of some of the OT threads... 

A quick glance at "What are you listening to now" turns up a few developers, lots of "hardcore audio cracks" (I'm not pickin' on you, CiTay, I just liked your phrase), a good mix of newbies and vets and an amazing assortment of music. I prefer to think the reason that thread has lingered is because people like to know what music others are
really enjoying.

If anyone thinks these threads are a waste of space or a posting competition, I'd just encourage you to look at them again with a different mindset.  I've learned about some interesting music I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.  If you still feel that way after looking, well, at least they're less in the way now. 
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Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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I agree too, keep the post counting, but remove the counting of the off-topic forum (in a retroactive way)

Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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Off-Topic Threads Not shown in portal anymore.

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For example, in Dillo (0.6.7-pre), the old forum was great but this new software doesn't display any table breaks between each individual post in a thread.  Also it doesn't display as well in Lynx or Links/Links+, and I can't stand wasting my memory with Mozilla or other Gecko based browsers on my slower and ancient systems that I honestly prefer to use.  

Web content should be for everyone.

Why don't you try Phoenix or Opera? The plan is also to create a text based skin at some point, which should make life easier for non-graphics browsers.

I don't think Off-Topic will be removed. There are some very interesting threads there, and we need a forum where we can move the possible OT-threads from other forums, rather than just delete those.

Don't know about the post count. Imo it's neither juvenile nor important. It's just some statistics about a certain user. Personally I like more statistics than less..

We are doing our best but we can't please everyone.. 
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