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Wma V9 Beta Codec

WMA v9 Codec Beta 1
An mid beta with about 85% of all the stuff done I want to do. This codec adds - Windows Media v9 Standard (CBR and VBR), Windows Media v9 Professional (CBR and VBR), Windows Media v9 Lossless and Windows Media Voice options to dBpowerAMP Music Converter and dBpowerAMP Audio Player (see



Things yet to be added - 2 pass VBR encoding, smaller distribution package.

Wma V9 Beta Codec

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Thanks for the info spoon.
You can also start a news thread directly at the "validated news" -forum, because you belong to the developer-group.
Juha Laaksonheimo

Wma V9 Beta Codec

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Just out of interest, this first version of my WM9 Encoder can be found at:

Youll need the WM9 codecs though (if you dont have WMEncoder 9/Player 9 installed already)

They can be got at: (MS's distribution package)
or (or .rar) for a version with the DRM install bits removed

The encoder is mainly made for AviSynth->WM9 video, but can take a Wav file & use all the WM9 audio codecs (including 2-pass). Nothing special at all, but thought Id mention it (& obviously source code is available (but I dont know why you'd want it  )


Wma V9 Beta Codec

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Thanks for the front end.

Sadly I've already fuxd my install with DRM crud... no worries tho, Fdisk is your friend!

Ruairi - nothing going on

Wma V9 Beta Codec

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Quote (or .rar) for a version with the DRM install bits removed

Download doesn't work 
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Wma V9 Beta Codec

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Oops, Sorry  (or .rar)

although you can just use the wmfdist.exe