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mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

a bit late, but time is rare at these days and is not that unusual that other newspages are faster at giving news like this

Here's what's all about:

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What's new
The edit method has been completely revised. And this is the first (beta) release of the new engine. So you're invited to report that everything works fine or where it does not.

2005-04-04: v2.0
     - Edit engine completely rewritten
     - Non-destructive Copy and Paste, even from different files
     - Graphical volume sliders
     - Cut areas are now hidden
     - Mouse events accurate even on VBR
     - Should handle files greater than 2 GB (not tested)
     - Genre Strings in ID3v1 dialog
     - Major bug on Split with ID3 tags fixed
     - Single frame selection shifting now accurate
     - Autoselect option removed
     - Append save removed (append works now via paste)
     - Gain button removed (in Edit menu, or use gain sliders)
     - Lots of adaptions and corrections

mp3DirectCut @

edit: changed to detailed 'changes'

mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

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Is MP3DirectCut abel to recreate lame headers? Older versions didn't do that when splitting one mp3 to smaller pieces and foobar2000 couldn't play them gapless any more.

mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

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mp3DirectCut messed it up when cutting VBR+CUE files also. Is this fixed?

mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

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vu meter rocks, would love to see the exact replica in foobar (over the playlist window)
1. is there undo?
2. is it possible to do some sort of nonlinear fadein/out somehow?
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mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

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a great release, the unaccurate mouse events were by far too horrible, sweet that they're gone 

An undo is not possible so far, fade-in/fade-out seems to be only linear.

If you find a bug please take some time to inform the author, how should a prog become better in best time possible if he has no feedback about the prog's misbehaviour. Suggestions are always welcome too I guess.

As spending time with reports about bugs and suggestions per mail is always a bit godawful and disagreeable I'll send a mail to Martin Pesch to keep an eye on Hydrogen's threads about mp3DirectCut (if he hasn't one on it already  ).

mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

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That would be awesome if foobar2000 could use the diskwriter to directcut an MP3 with a cuesheet into individual files without any loss or change in the audio data.

MP3Directcut is a nice program though... I've found it handy on numerous occasions.  It's always good to see software like this being updated

mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

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Is MP3DirectCut abel to recreate lame headers? Older versions didn't do that when splitting one mp3 to smaller pieces and foobar2000 couldn't play them gapless any more.
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I doubt Mp3DirectCut does this even now. However, it's easy enough to handle by re-creating the LAME header using foobar's header fix function. Just right-click on an mp3 file and choose "fix MP3 header". Standard for Lame is 576 samples of delay at the start. I can go more into this if you want, but you get the basic idea...
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mp3DirectCut 2.0 (beta)

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I love using mp3DirectCut, mostly for language learning purpose, with its fast cutting, splitting, and other editing.
Sometimes I consider to make some small donation. (But why not accept Paypal, because I'm not from EU.)??

Anyway, a suggestion here:

Cue point editing---- How about a direct, visual way so that we can put in or eliminate any cue point by just clicking on the main program window, without having to go to "save cue sheet" and edit from the textpad and then save and reload it again.

It will be a really big help.

Thank you Martin