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Mp3/Tag Studio 3.01 released
Mp3/Tag Studio 3.01 released

Changes in version 3.01:
* Fixed a bug that caused track numbers to be limited to three digits when imported to the tags with the auto tag tool.
* Fixed a small bug that made the alphabetical sorting of files in the "Tag/rename from list" tool to be case-sensitive, although it was supposed to be case-insensitive.
* Fixed a bug that under certain conditions could cause an error when deleting multiple presets in the "Direct tag manipulation" tool.
* Fixed a bug that under certain conditions could produce faulty results when using the substring replace tool.
* Fixed a bug that required files to have a tag when processed in the "Auto rename" tool, even when no actual tag data was being used in the template.
* Corrected an erroneous field in the advanced mode template right-click menu of the list maker tool (and added one field in it that had been forgotten).
* Expanded the track number fields slightly in the browse and mass set tools, so that a track number of the format XX/YY will fit in it also when the font MS Sans Serif (8 pt) is used.
Juha Laaksonheimo