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MusicMatch Jukebox 7

MusicMatch Jukebox 7.0 has been released.

I haven't tried it yet, but from what they say, it looks as if they have only implemented another load of half-assed features without caring about the bugs that partly have been in the program for nearly 3 years.

Here goes (this is advertisment off their website):

The ultimate burning solution
Create CDs with easy one-step burning, drag, drop, and burn audio, media and data CDs. Even drag and drop from Windows Explorer! Backup your audio, media and data files evenly across multiple CD-Rs using fewer CDs with SmartSplit. Now burn thousands of MP3 files, or other media to a higher-capacity DVD data discs (up to 4.7GB).

Organize downloaded music
Get detailed, automated tag information about your tracks and faster, more accurate results using Super Tagging. You'll get artist, track and album names, as well as the ability to rename music files, and fetch tag information based on file names.

Turn your music into MP3s
Create the ultimate jukebox based on your music collection. Rip your CDs, vinyl and tapes all in CD-quality sound. Even record files offline, and get Tag information automatically next time you're online!

Internet Radio
Create your own station from any track in your music collection or from every song in a saved Playlist or Library! It only takes one click to get hours of music you love, free! Even skip songs you don't want to hear.

Stop adjusting the volume
Perfect volume, all the time. Volume Leveling keeps steady volume applied to all your music, eliminating volume spikes or dips from track to track. And with the freedom to transfer your music to portable MP3 devices or CD, you'll enjoy perfect volume everywhere.

Print CD Covers and Labels
Information-rich jewel case and CD labels. With up to 150 track titles on one jewel case, and custom art and frames for a clean look, managing your CD collection is now a pleasure, not a mess. Makes backing up your MP3-CDs a snap.

Take your music with you
Put together your favorite tracks add Digital sound effects (Volume Leveling, DFX, plug-ins) and quickly send them to your MP3 player or PDA. Controls to change the file size allow you to fit more tracks onto your player. The sound you like, everywhere you like it!

Manage your music collection
Create music libraries to keep track and sort all your music. Add cover art, liner notes, lyrics and artist bios with powerful song tagging. Have new songs automatically load into your music library. Randomly play every track in your Library for hours of continuous music.

- Dominic

PS: Hmm maybe they have even implemented a broken FastEnc again?