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Helium² 1.0 full released -- now with mpc support!

I'm a tester on Helium² so I'm just here to tell you about the new release of helium².

Just to introduce what Helium² is I'll quote the introduction from the website:

Helium² is the ultimate MP3 management system.
Catalog your growing MP3 collection, create tags and playlists, or use Helium²'s unique collection of tools and wizards to manage even the largest MP3 collection!
Helium² supports playlist formats as m3u, pls, bpl all with extended information for import and/or export.
Helium² also contains many other features:

Easy and quick batch tag editor
Advanced and very detailed, but still easy to use batch tag editor
Lyrics3 v2.0 tag editor, with support for fetching lyrics from the Internet
CDDB² tag editor
Highly customizable Make List wizard (HTML 4)
ID3v1/ID3 v2.3 and v2.4 tag support (Full Windows XP support)
Batch renamer with build-in optional folder creation
Full database support for MP3/CD-Audio and custom formats
Easy to use Outlook mimic user interface
Internal player with a build-in 10-band equalizer
Full Winamp 2.x support
MPEG and MPEG PLUS support

This is just a little introduction to what Helium² is. For a more complete feature list to here:

So what's new?
This is and lots of other stuff:

Helium² v1.0, November 5th, 2001
Welcome to the new version of Helium²!
We have been working very intensely with this version since the most recently released
Helium² beta version (v1.01b, September 20th, 2001), and it includes many new features
and bug fixes, and it's much more stable than v1.01b.

What's new in Helium² v1.0?
Helium² v1.0 contains many new features! Some of the most important are listed below:

All versions
Recursive directory scan (optional) in the MP3 Explorer
Many updates to the Advanced Tag Editor
Lyrics3 v2.0 editor with internet get possibilities and time-stamping
CDDB Wizard - use CDDB² to automatically tag your files.
Updates to the MPEG analyzer
Important updates to the Dynamic Tag Editor
Summary frame now supports two configurable pictures.
Clicking on a picture starts the associated application.
Player controls in the Advanced Tag Editor/Dynamic Tag Editor and the Lyrics3 Tag Editor
Windows XP tag compatibility writing
Get Biography/Lyrics/Artist Picture/Album picture from Internet from the Advanced Tag Editor
Easy editing using the associated application of attached pictures in the Advanced Tag Editor
Many important fixes in the Filename To Tag Generator
New Make List Wizard templates
10-Band Equalizer for the internal player
Optional caching in the Playlist Manager for faster or more detailed file-reading
Improved Playlist manager replay support. (Color marker on selected track)

AE version only
Improved filtering of data (Types/Collection/Aliases)
Many fixes for using the CDDB in alias creation.
Many fixes to custom collection handling
Alias synchronization. Updates DB items from files that have been recently updated.
New Database fields: Band/Orchestra and Conductor
Displaying of Collection/Alias in the Database grid
Upgrades to the Database Items Editor
Upgrading of the Database statistics
Synchronization of single or multiple Database items
Improvements to the Custom view
Improvements to the Database Query view

The improvements listed above are just some of the updates (listing all of the updates would
take too much space!). This version has also been tested very rigorously during
the past 1½ months by our testers, so it is very stable and optimized.

The release notes can be found here:

So what's left to say?
Well, many people have complain that there were only a limited (only the tagging part and not the excellent managing part) demo version of Helium² available, but now (as far as I understood) a full demo version can be downloaded.

Just go and check it out. Many screenshots at the website.
In my opinion this is one of the best programs around.