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Initial MPC Plugin for Winamp 3.0


Once again we have a new format plugin for Winamp 3.0 courtesy of Peter Pawlowski.  This plugin allows you to play MPC files in Winamp 3.0.  The code is based off of Frank Klemm's excellent command line mppdec decoder.

This plugin is still very new, and as the readme states many things will be updated and the code will be cleaned up and released via GPL, but it does work for now, so for those looking for MPC support for Winamp 3.0, look no further.

As usual, to install this plugin, copy the cnv_mpc.wac file to your Winamp3Wacs directory.

Initial MPC Plugin for Winamp 3.0

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in case you missed it - GPL'd source code is available at somebody could update it to mppdec v0.98n (i don't have time to do that). also, this code should be relatively easy to port to other players.
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