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Survey on discussion format preference.

Due to apparent difficulties a particularly influential member of the MPC community is having with web-based interfaces here on Hydrogenaudio, I thought it would be interesting to see how many of our members would prefer that we moved this section over to a text only mailing list interface to be more accomodating.

Please check out and vote on the poll here and post your thoughts on the matter.

Survey on discussion format preference.

Reply #1
The site is completely database driven, no?  How feasable is it for someone to write a script that takes the messages a user wants out of the database and sends them as an email?  And vice versa, user can reply and depending on the subject the email gets put into the corresponding forum.  Impossible?  Improbable?


Survey on discussion format preference.

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I prefer the web-forum format.  Most e-mail lists get to cluttered and flod my e-mail boxes, even with good filterning.  Both would be cool, or even a News Server set-up would be cool.

Survey on discussion format preference.

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E-mail (text-based) forums harken back to my freshman year of college ('97), when the dorms at the university I attended were still on 14.4kbps servers and we had no other choice but to limit our time online. Even though I'm now spoiled with a 100Mbit connection, I feel that the benefits of a web-based service far outweigh the disadvantages (such as $ for time, etc.). Besides, mailings could get very annoying and massive, and who likes that?

Survey on discussion format preference.

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no offense, but i don't see how these problems [in question] can still exist.

mozilla 1.x, netscape 6.x, internet explorer 6.x on windows 98/ME and mandrake/debian/libranet linux have all been used by me at one time or another on this WEB FORUM and i haven't had a single issue.

although mozilla 1.0 final seems like the greatest choice for a web browser, imo.

who resizes windows while posting?

if it is a problem, just write your text in "editor of your choice" and then just copy it over in the forum.

however, i realize that CONNECTION to the internet is a big deal, as there are alot of places that do not offer a direct connection [dsl/cable/t1/t3] and this seems like the only viable variable which should be dealt with.

is it possible to do both mailing list and forum?

i like the immediacy with a online "LIVING" forum.  it is more appropriate for a user base of 1,000 [though maybe 100 are daily]. that's what i voted for...

my .02