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Video coverage on Hydrogenaudio

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I'm not criticizing. I'm worry.
When Dibrom found HA with a complete, coherent & strict TOS, in order to avoid some of the r3mix issues, was it "easy"? No, it was prevention.

I know, I was writing that ToS too, and it wasn't ready from the beginning of HA, like you claim.

Never said that TOS were there. At the beginning, there were less people on HA - and r3mix were still active, and was the reference for most people. Less people + other reputed board = less problems on HA (and no need for a complete and detailed expression of what Dibrom and you had in mind).

Feel free to not comment this post.
If you want a video section, just create one. You're the administrator.

Video coverage on Hydrogenaudio

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hehehhehehheheheh, nicely done guruboolez.  I'm next to you there.  Hey if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem, i say.  I also think it's bad to just be some stupid sheep, so I'll try n help out or goto HA video forums when I can.        Cheers JohnV

Video coverage on Hydrogenaudio

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Video Coverage is a good thing to add.  If it adds value then people will use it and it will be great.  If it doesn't then people won't use it and it will go away.  Low downside risk and high upside potential - sounds like a reasonable thing to try.

Video usually has audio to go with it, so it is a little difficult to not cover to some degree.  So if we want to cover video as a topic, let's try to do it right and have a go at it.  With processing power and storage capacity / speed entering a sweet spot, video codecs are an increasingly important technology.  Who knows what it will evolve to - years from now it could be Hydrogenvideo... 

My $ 0.02, no change.
Was that a 1 or a 0?

Video coverage on Hydrogenaudio

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Personally, I welcome this addition. I like having one forum containing the discussion I'm interested in - and seperating audio and video is getting ever more difficult to seperate. MPEG-4, anyone?

I'd say that basing video discussion on fact is much easier than it is with an audio discussion. After all, you can take a snapshot of a video sequence and show it to other people and it will give a very good impression of the artifacts you're talking about.

The only thing I could ask for is a larger portal. It seems that too few of the recently posted threads are shown; especially given the new stuff

Video coverage on Hydrogenaudio

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IMO, it would've been better to make some sort of agreement with Doom9 or similar, to not do the same job twice... I know Doom9 has accepted cross linking a long time ago, when I was on Flexion only, doubt he would neglected this one. As I doubt that anyone has asked him...

The same would count if Doom9 decides to make a broad audio section, HA is the leader with most of the relevant people on it...

As for HA being more newbie friendly as Doom9:

HA: "Where's your ABX proof?" "Read the forum rules!" BAAN! etc.
D9: "Make a search! This has been answered!" "Read the forum rules!" STRRIKE!  etc.

IMO, both are very newbie friendly, but not "I want everything on a plate and I'm too lazy to give anything in return" friendly. It's much easier to be "newbie" friendly, liberal and not having rules if the forum consits of a few enthusiast with the same/similar goals. Add a few thousand P2P users etc...

I know I got nice replies to my dumb questions here, and no one ever flamed me.

But, since the decision has been made, I wish you luck and, more importantly, loads of fun. I now I had it when I was active...


"Stop making me older, start making me new"

Video coverage on Hydrogenaudio

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This move is great!. I think Video section will attract more people.

Video coverage on Hydrogenaudio

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I say, HA should have included a section on the new HDTV standard being implemented in the US.. In my opinion, this is going to be the NEXT BIG thing in the world of AV.