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Re: FLAC-git Releases (Code Base v1.4.x)

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john33 you may consider using https when posting links in Firefox blocks the download and warns about malicious content without s, but suddenly no virus when I manually add s. Not only this file but also the previous ones, and with previous versions of Firefox.

This behaviour does not seem to happen with other websites. I tried Firefox's troubleshooting mode (reverts all custom settings and disables all plugins) the issue persists. Firefox must hate your website, perhaps you can report to Mozilla as well.

Re: FLAC-git Releases (Code Base v1.4.x)

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Done, thanks. The link was 'as is' created within the forum software, but I'll try to remember to add the 's'. ;)

Re: FLAC-git Releases (Code Base v1.4.x)

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FLAC 1.4.2 release compiles are now at Rarewares. Please note that these compiles are aimed at compatibility and not at performance. I'll look at higher performance variants over the next day, or so. :)