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WavPack 4.80 Final Release

This will probably be the final release in the version 4 line, and I believe that it is the most stable WavPack to date. Because of some of the fixes here, I recommend everyone using WavPack should migrate to this version, including all the plug-ins.

  • full Unicode console suppport on Windows platform
  • new option --pre-quantize to truncate high-resolution files to a specified depth
  • updated Cool Edit, Audition (all versions), DirectShow, and Winamp plugins
  • Mac OS X fat binaries (i386 & x86_64) are also available now
  • miscellaneous other fixes and portability improvements

complete changelog
WavPack downloads


Re: WavPack 4.80 Final Release

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I created gcc 4.8.2 executables with mingw in case anyone is interested in trying them. Encoding gets a decent speedup in both versions, while decoding is faster only on the x64 version (at least on my older system).

They seem stable on Windows, but I did notice several issues under Wine that don't happen with the official builds (like after running wavpack.exe without command-line arguments, the console won't echo typed characters!) and so they are provided “as-is”.