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Topic: How to change toolbars' width? can't find it -_- (Read 2013 times) previous topic - next topic
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How to change toolbars' width? can't find it -_-

I wanted to make the waveform seekbar wider, I can move it around and make it shorter, but I can't make it wider. Any help please?

How to change toolbars' width? can't find it -_-

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If you mean taller, go to layout editing mode and make sure the vertical splitter that it's in has both top and bottom sizes unlocked, and drag the splitter down.

If you mean wider, it can't get wider than the width of the window. Just resize your window to be wider.

Edit: just noticed that's Columns UI, not DefaultUI. facepalm.jpg

Add it as a panel, not a toolbar element, then you can resize it to however you like.

How to change toolbars' width? can't find it -_-

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Thanks for a quick reply!
I added it as a panel, but now I got another problem - can't make it separately above all panels, this is what I end up with -

EDIT Ok, I got it to work by changing the root splitter to vertical, but could someone explain the logic behind it? I think of columns_ui as of tables in html, you add rows, then you add columns. This is kind of confusing.


How to change toolbars' width? can't find it -_-

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Try View -> Layout -> Live Editing, and you'll get WYSIWIG editing - right click on a component to change it.

It's easier to understand how Columns UI works by looking at how Default UI works.
Download this sample layout (don't apply it):
Temporarily go to Default UI (File -> Preferences -> Display -> Default User Interface)
Then go View -> Layout -> Create scratchbox
Then, in the scratchbox, go Edit -> Import, and select the sample layout file.
Tinker around, add splitters, see what happens.
This is what Columns UI does with its layout configuration, but the splitters can split more than 2 elements.