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[feature request] Equalizer options

Hi, I appreciate a lot Foobar2000 on my mobile phone.
I am using extensively the equalizer  in order to "linearize" the frequency response of my headphones, external portable speakers or even sometimes, the awful buzzy speaker of the mobile itself !

The problem is that when you are using lots of different speaker devices, there is no way to memorize your own EQ presets.
It's a big pain to change everytime the settings, because there are a lot of bands to change !

- Would it be possible to add a custom preset saving feature ?
- would it be also possible to let the user chosing between 3 bands / 15 bands / 31 bands / 62 bands ?
Only few bands are needed for people who are not sound specialists, but 31 or even 62 bands would be very appreciated for guys with "golden ears" ;)
- my ultimate dream would have been to get a secondary equalizer set of 31 or 62 bands (maybe only available if chosing an advanced EQ mode) in order to help the sound of some badly mastered albums without having to change the settings of the first equalizer that would have been dedicated only to speaker imperfections (resonances) and acoustic placement compensations.

The preset saving feature is probably the urgent one (and I know I'm not the only one to ask for this !), chosing the number of bands would be also a great plus (for begginners AND audio pro guys like me), and getting a secondary equalizer would be the ultimate thing !

Thanks a lot in advance for the development team !


Re: [feature request] Equalizer options

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No mention of OS, I'm going to assume Android.
Have you tried Wavelet app? It combines fine with foobar2000 if you use Legacy Mode and select maximum buffer length. The basic functionality (fixing headphones FR) is available in the freeware version. 
Wavelet doesn't cover speakers though. But for speakers, there's JamesDSP (sadly requires root and funky install process).
a fan of AutoEq + Meier Crossfeed

Re: [feature request] Equalizer options

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I'd like to add my support for having a preset feature.  It is the one big feature I miss using foobar2000 on Android.

Using extra apps is clunky, and I think the internal foobar equaliser sounds great.

The other suggested improvements are good, but not having presets is the one that irritates most.

Re: [feature request] Equalizer options

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Another point I'd like to ask to the development team is to add a pre-equalizer volume (level gain reduction before the equalizer) because most of the time when boosting low frequencies there is no headroom so it simply creates saturation ! In every equalizer there is an input gain stage to avoid this problem ! In foobar there is no way to apply a sound level reduction before the equalizer. So if a pre-equalizer volume could be added it would simply solved this very important issue.

By the way, Magicgoose suggested to use wavelet, but this equalizer don't have enough bands.
I'm waiting for a Foobar2000 revision but pending that, if someone knew an app with 31 bands EQ and if possible with pre-eq gain stage to avoid saturation, it would be very useful.

Re: [feature request] Equalizer options

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Another one requesting this. In fact I ask about a parametric EQ:

- Customizable bands and filter type (peak, low/high shelf).
- Customizable Q.
- Pre-amp gain.
- Presets.

Having this, foobar2000 would qualify as a player for any DAP... since there would be no need for system wide eq on Android anymore to use foobar + headphones (to rectify their freq. response).